Pulled over.

For 17 years, I have been operating a motor vehicle.  Legally.  In 17 years, I have been pulled over for any number of reasons most of which have been mechanical.  I usually have a small heart attack every single time.  The first time I was pulled over, I was a newly minted 16 year old out of town without permission.  Try explaining that one.  And the $55 ticket that went with it.

So today, Amelia and I were in the van heading out to pick up Ella from school.  We were right on time.  We live on the edge of town but heading into town the speed limit drops quickly from 35 to 25.  Almost without warning (except for the sign…dur).  Just on the other side of the speed limit sign is a S curve and an underpass.  See where this is going?

I saw the cop too late, just past the sign.  I saw the car get into gear and it had to follow me for about 20 feet.  I knew what I had done.  About 41 in a 25.  Got popped for nearly $125.  “Drive safely today, ma’am” she says to me. 


It was my time.  It’s been 17 years.  And I was spacing off.  As I have a tendency to do right around lunch.  It’s not my best time of the day.  But that’s like 2 weeks worth of groceries around here. 

Just figures.

Here’s the funny part.  My little parrot was in the vehicle with me.  Know what she’s been saying all day?  “Oh crap.”  Over and over.  Could have been worse but I learned my lesson there.  She was saying it while the cop was explaining the ticket.  I’m pretty sure she was amused.  Not amused enough to let me off with a warning of course but I get the feeling that she understood what Amelia was saying.  And why.


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