I clearly need more to do.

Because I clearly don’t have enough to do, I decided that the neighborhood elementary school isn’t good enough for my kid(s).  Didn’t I just devote an entire blog post to the very subject of parents with not enough to do? 

We live about 8 blocks from school.  Too far for a little kid to walk alone, too close to drive her to school.  The school is crowded and the classes are large.  Not large enough to be illegal but large enough to be distracting.  To me and to Ella. 

So I went through the possible school choices: catholic (cute uniforms), small school in same district but in odd neighborhood, Lutheran school in the ghetto, homeschool (eek) and university lab school.  Wanna guess who won?

I filled out the pre-registration form which is basically putting your kid on a list.  They pride themselves on diversity.  They want kids with challenges, talents, quirks and (apparently) not white skin.  There probably isn’t a snowball’s chance of getting in but I had to try.  The classes are small enough that my, ahem, spirited child will be recognized for who she is instead of being medicated.  That’s my fear.  *I* don’t think there’s anything wrong with her.  She’s curious and needs to be challenged.  She has lots of thoughts about lots of things.  I think that someone like her will do better in a small school.  We will see what happens but I hope she gets a second look.  Don’t make me pull out the “Ella has no daddy” card. 

Other than being overly concerned about my child’s education even though she would be fine no matter where she ended up (as long as it’s not my kitchen table), I am overwhelmed by the thought of a winter in my tiny house.  Since I hate moving (hate, hate, hate it with the white hot heat of a thousand suns), I have to make more room in my current residence.  That would involve cleaning and organizing.  I have gotten rid of, donated and sold a massive amount from my basement storage.  All the baby gear, clothes, kitchen gadgets that I don’t love and don’t have room for anyway all has a new home.  But there is still a fair amount to contend with.  I could really use someone with a little skill in that area to show me the light.  Or I need a dumpster and shovel.  Either way.

The littles were out of my hair for most of the day.  I have really good friends.  Despite the fact that everyone is busy and has their own lives and families, my girls and I have shared many meals and holidays and outings with my friends and their families.  It makes me feel not so alone.  And it makes me happy to see all these kids growing up together.  I love seeing them play and the evolution of their relationships.  They, literally, have known each other since diapers.  It makes me smile to think of them all grown up…still friends maybe. 

So that’s it for the day.  Carpets cleaned, friends visited, littles out from underfoot, school meddled with.  And I thought I didn’t get anything done today.


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