My house is delicious.

One more holiday gone.  I don’t remember Thanksgiving last year.  I know we were in Missouri and that’s about all that comes to mind.  I don’t remember eating or visiting with anyone.  I don’t remember the weather or if we went shopping or the drive.

This year was different.  We stayed home and stayed in our lounge pants all day.  Ella watched the parade…the whole thing.  She played and played with the dollhouse that Santa brought her last year.  For the first effing time I might add.  Every other kid that enters our house thinks it’s fantastic and she has ignored it. For almost a year.  And yesterday we drug it out to the living room and she would make up stories and put everything just so.  And then turn her attention to the parade and dance around with the cheerleaders or the Rockettes or whoever. 

When the ribbon was cut and the parade began, she was arm-flappingly excited.  She screeched and clapped and danced.  And I choked up a little.  I don’t know if it’s because more of her big kid personality shows every day or if it is just me getting a little giddy at being able to show my kids just how big and wonderful the world really is. 

I also rocked the turkey dinner.  Well, the turkey anyway.  I roasted it whole because cutting it into pieces was a little too “raw” for me.  I’m usually not squeamish about the uncooked but something about store brand poultry seems a little too bacterial for my taste.  It was only a 12 pound turkey so it was practically a chicken but I did a good job.  A little butter under the skin (thank you Paula Deen) and a rub of kosher salt on the skin (thank you Alton Brown) and that was pretty much it.  Mashed potatoes, gravy from the pan drippings, cranberry jelly, orange fluff, green beans with bacon.  And a gallon of really cold milk to wash it all down.  We ate at 2, after naps.  I had about an hour of hands-on time in the kitchen. 

The littles ate for about five minutes total.  And that included the prayer.  They ran off to continue their playing/fighting/mess making.  And I ate my feast alone.  It wasn’t so bad.  It was tasty.  But then the tryptophan kicked in and I had to rest a bit before dealing with the leftovers.  That’s the part where I wish I would have invited someone who would have said…”Oh no, you cooked, I’ll clean up.”  What took an hour to make took almost two to clean.  And, by the time I finished and declared the kitchen closed, the littles were scrounging around for something to eat.  I offered to warm up the turkey but they chose the two day old, mostly dead cheese pizza.  Figures.

The best part of the day came after the littles were in bed and my friend came over to bring me pumpkin cheesecake, have a cocktail and watch Discovery Health with me.  It was plastic surgery night.  It was like watching a bus wreck.  She and I (and most of my friends really) are about the last people on earth to have plastic surgery so maybe it was just the multiple vanilla Vodka and Cokes that found it so fascinating.  We couldn’t tear ourselves away.  Discovery Health is my new favorite time suck. 

Maybe I should find a time suck that won’t ultimately give me pressure ulcers on my ass.  I don’t know if it’s the pill or Amelia weaning or just getting over being sick but I have never weighed this much unless I have been at least 14 weeks pregnant.  Sad really.  A year ago I was almost at my lowest weight…30 pounds less than I am now.  Sad, really.

My friend who has been very, very successful on WW (read: 70 pounds lost) was at my house the other night, looked around and declared that the reason why I can’t be on WW right now is because my house is “delicious.”  I almost snorted frosted brownie out my nose.  There is some truth to that.  I do the shopping.  I do the cooking.  I think that eating almost a pound of peanut butter candy in the space of 4 days is a capital idea.  My house is delicious and that’s by design.  If it weren’t, I’d just make a batch of cookies.  So it’s all me.  I shouldn’t be suprised or even mad about the condition of my back fat.  I did this to myself.  Doing.  Have done.  Whatever.

It’s good to know, though, that I can make a turkey.  Cross that off my list of things to accomplish.


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