Ad nauseam.

Can I be more of a single girl?

Before I answer that…consider that my last trip to the grocery store had a cart full of Smirnoff Ice (affectionately referred to as “bitch pop”), Lean Cuisine, cereal and yogurt.

Also consider that I am somewhat irrationally wanting a dog.  You know, because I need another living thing to selflessly tend to. 

My evenings consist of carb loading, Discovery Health (unless Grey’s is on which it was tonight and can I just say that I fall more and more in love with Karev every. freaking. week.), old Will & Grace reruns and my ass imprinting into the chair cushion. 

I get lonely and start calling around to see if anyone else is bored enough to watch tv over the phone with me.

It’s pathetic.  Really, really pathetic.  Practically a Lifetime special presentation but not even that interesting.

I’m off to buff my crusty heels, slip on my ipod earbuds to listed to Norah Jones and the broadway cast recording of “rent” and medicate myself to sleep. 

Repeat, repeat, repeat.


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