Do the elves mind being underappreciated?

I’m fairly certain that I now know how the elves feel.  I had decided (back in August…when all good holiday intentions are born) that this was the year of the handmade Christmas.  I trolled crafty blogs and got out all my Ottobre mags.  I organized my patterns (and ordered new ones…who am I kidding?) and made a list.  Checked it twice. 

And then sat on my ass for more than three months.  Granted, there were sad anniversaries and that bout with pneumonia to contend with.  But mostly, I just sat.  In this very chair.  Sometimes with cookies.  Mostly.  Whatever. 

So now, a mere two weeks from the big day, what do I have done?  A pair of pjs.  That’s it.  Everything else is still in the planning stages.  Granted, I’m sewing for no less than 10 children, only two of whom are my own.  Why go and get a ten dollar piece of junk that probably is laced with melamine and lead paint when I can sew some yummy jammies for winter and toss a book on top and call it good?  Right?  Good intentions.

I still intend to knock it all out.  Even if it kills me and it might.  I will have to take my machines with me to MILs  next weekend when I take the littles for an early Christmas with grandma.  It’s my penance for bagging out of Thanksgiving which I totally don’t regret at all.  It will give me a good excuse to not be social and it will give her a chance to chase kids for two days.  It sounds like best case scenario, really. 

We have toned down the holiday quite a bit.  Seems that I had a bit of a shopping problem last Christmas.  My mother still reminds me of how much the girls had to open (Business?  Mind it.).  The girls will get one “Santa” gift.  Ella’s is purchased already.  Amelia?  I don’t have a effing clue.  And then my friends from Texas Jeans made the girls a wooden vacuum cleaner and an ironing board and iron.  Which will be funny because I don’t iron.  Ever.  That’s their big gift from mommy.  Plus the jammies and other assorted crafty things which may or may not include Christmas fairy skirts and wands, doll clothes and fleece slippers.  Their stockings will have the usual assortment of candy, hot chocolate, toothbrushes and a small-ish toy.

I don’t know?  That sounds good right?  But not too much?  But something to talk about and play with right away.

This?  Is the part where it’s not all that much fun doing it alone.  I could use someone else to get all wrapped up in it with me or someone to toss ideas into the hat.  Or maybe keep the kids from tearing the house to itty bitty little pieces (and then rubbing the broken bits together to make crumbs) while I sew.  Ask me how I know this is true.

Here’s a story:  so tonight after jammie time, the girls wanted a snack.  So I get them some cheese and orange juice (gross, I know) and we go downstairs.  I fire up the machine and turn on whatever Christmas movie offering is on ABC Family.  The girls lose interest and wander back upstairs.  I keep sewing.  About 10 minutes later, I hear the water in the bathroom running.  I go upstairs.  The first thing I notice is that Ella has emptied the box of graham crackers and is stacking them in my Fontanini nativity set.  Nice.  Something about the crumbs looking like sand.  I don’t know.  So I go into the bathroom in question and find the sink about half full of water and the water is still running.  I see my two and a half year old with a dixie cup, pouring it into the tiny Ikea potty chair (which she hates).  I turn my back on her to shut off the water and turn around to see her picking up said potty seat and attempting to pour the water back out of it and INTO HER MOUTH.  Acky, acky, acky. 

I checked the clock, read a story or two and shoved them into bed.  The last thing Ella said to me was “But I didn’t do anything wrong!!  I listened today!!” 

Yeah, well, me too.  Goodnight.


One thought on “Do the elves mind being underappreciated?

  1. The difference between your sewing projects and my cross-stitch for the kids’ wedding in January? You’ll probably finish yours, and I definitely will not. Maybe for their first anniversary.

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