I am going to make this quick because I don’t want to jinx my overwhelming luck. 

Last night the girls and I went to a slumber party at the house of some good friends.  We had a yummy supper of appentizers (the best kind of supper if you ask me), Christmas movies, lots of giggles and old episodes of The Muppet Show on dvd.  All the kids slept in the same room, including Amelia (after many tears).  She slept all night for the first time in her life I think.  She NEVER sleeps all night when she’s with me.  I think I must snore or fart in my sleep or something.

So today, I praised her all day for being such a big girl and sleeping all night in her own bed.  I also told her that I would nurse her in the chair and rock her for as long as she wants but then she was going to sleep with Ella.  “Okay Mommy,” she says.  And that’s what happened.  There was very little fussing, no more than normal.  I told her that she could still nap in my bed but that night time was for sleeping with Ella.

That’s it.  Maybe.  We will see how tonight goes.  I don’t even want to turn a light on in the bathroom or watch TV.  I don’t want to wake her up even a little bit. 

I need this.  Oh, man, do I need this. 

We had a great time last night.  I love hearing stories about other adults in their more youthful days (read: drinking stories).  It makes me feel like my sorted past wasn’t so bad.  And it connects me in a better and different way to my friends. 

Ah booze…the gift that keeps on giving…even 10 years later…


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