It’s a girl! Introducing Maya.

When deciding what to get the littles for Christmas, I never actually asked them what they wanted.  I, being the observant mother that I am (cough), listened to the common themes of the last few months.  For the most part, I think I have done well so far.  Tomorrow will be my big shopping day.  I have made my list and tomorrow will be a money hemorrhage like no other.  Except maybe that day that I bought bedroom furniture.  That?  Was practically an emergency situation. 

I still have sewing to do with a little over a week to do.  I’m about half done with what *must* be done and haven’t even thought about what I *want* to get done.  So there’s that.  And we are traveling this weekend to MILs for an early Christmas.  I might take my machines and set up shop there instead of here.  I think that’s the only way that I will really get done.

My Christmas gift came early.  If one were to look at my common themes of the last few months, one could make my list for me.  I commonly mention (bitch about) not sleeping alone, not having an adult conversation, not taking time for myself…one could infer then that my list could be:

  1. All children out of my bed. 
  2. A day out with girlfriends for drinks and gossip.
  3. A pedicure.  Or a real highlight job.

I also pine for a Kindle, Tivo, a digital video camera, a parka that doesn’t make me look like a marshmallow and a clean van.

Did I mention that we’re getting a dog?  We are.  It was final as of yesterday.  Maya is a black lab/English spaniel mix that we adopted from a local rescue organization.  She has been with a foster family for a few months.  We visited last week and she loved the girls and Ella was beside herself.  She was pretty mad that we had to leave without her but I can’t officially take her home until we finish our Christmas travels.  It wouldn’t be fair to Maya to drag her all over the midwest when she’s brand new to our family.  So I will go and pick her up Jan 2nd or 3rd and bring her home. 

Those that really know me know that I am not so much a critter person.  But since summer, I have felt this pull to get a dog.  The girls are older…I could use someone to watch TV with me…and get me off the couch.  So it really is all about me.  I am very excited.  Maya’s picture and story pulled at me.  It’s hard to explain.  I stayed up way too late looking at pictures of local adoptees and not a one said “bring me home” like Maya.  She’s really amazing.  She’s very smart.  She doesn’t bark, bite or chew on something she’s not supposed to.  She’s housebroken.  I can’t wait.

Maya is a gift to me.  She is my dog despite the fact that Ella has already claimed her.  My other early gift?  Amelia is sleeping in bed with Ella and not me.  She has been since last Friday when we spent the night at a friend’s house and she slept without me.  We have been working on this moment for months.  And now, she goes to bed without a single tear.  I don’t have to lay with her.  She sleeps all night until about 6am and then bangs through my door and demands in my bed.  At that point, I don’t mind at all.  We snuggle into the down comforter until my alarm goes off.

Things?  Are pretty good.  Which, I’m sure, is way more boring that old broken and depressed me.  It’s kind of why I don’t write every single night.  It’s hard to make a whole post out of “all is well.”  

Hope is a buzzword these days thanks to Mr. Obama.  And while I don’t get into all the political hype and I don’t have enough money to be totally effected by things like the stock market, I have hope.  For me and for my girls.  I have hope for 2009.  I have hope that I might get a loving head rub sometime soon.  I have hope that my life will be better this year.  I might be wrong.  I certainly have been wrong before. 

But I can hope.


One thought on “It’s a girl! Introducing Maya.

  1. Hope is everything!
    Email me pictures of Maya??? Please?????
    My hope for 2009 is to not lose a single dog for the entire calendar year. I haven’t had a dog-loss-free calendar year since 1999 or 2000, when the first of the cockers left us. Part of that is my fault, because if you HAVE seven dogs, odds are that at least one is elderly or will develop some freak medical problem. Down to three, ages 3, 4 and 9, so fingers (and paws) crossed!

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