Two parts.

I wrote this last night and then the power went out in the house.  I thought, haha I’m on a notebook!  And then I realized that the wireless router uses electricity.  Dur. 

We were going to leave today but I woke up (freaking cold) to an upset stomach and a case of the trots.  I’ve been in the bathroom ever since.  A banana was a bad idea.  So we are staying put for one more day.  Unfortuately.  Kind of.  It’s better to be sick here than at home.  At least somebody else can get up and get them a snack every 15 seconds.



The house is finally quiet.

With two kids, two enormous dogs (I? might be a reformed dog disliker…these beasties are kind of growing on me) and a whole swarm of not-my-stepfamily folk…it was kind of crazy all day.  I don’t know what I had hoped it would be but that wasn’t it.

I brought my serger with me.  And enough sewing work (for gifts) to last a week.  Too bad that Christmas proper is in a few short days.  I will finish.  I always do.  Anyway, I cut out a dress that is a birthday gift.  And…that’s about it.  That’s all I could manage all day what with the cookies that needed to be frosted and littles to peel off the ceiling.  I’m going to be so pissed off about 2 days from now when I’m all working myself to the bone to get finished.  I started back in November.  You’d think I could finish a few measly nightgowns and some lounge pants.  And some doll clothes.  And an apron or two.  Whatever. 

We drive home tomorrow.  In the stupid, freezing cold.  I hope that nobody throws up or pees again. 

All in all, it was a good trip.  It really made Jill’s Christmas to have us here.  Well, I don’t know about me but the littles at least.  We all opened our gifts this morning.  Both girls got one thing that they really, really wanted.  Ella actually freaked out a little bit.  She squeaked when she saw what it was.  I wish that I would have had a video camera for that moment so I could play it again and again.  She doesn’t often get excited about a thing and it’s probably for the best.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her that excited.   She and Amelia both played and played all day with their new toys.


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