Missing assprint.

Lots and lots of changes around here.  The least of which is that, in getting rid of the Christmas tree (on my own thankyouverymuch) I moved around the living room furniture.  All on my own.  Amazing what one person can accomplish when the assprint leaves the lazyboy.

One of the major motivating factors behind leaving the chair (other than my ever expanding gut)(and not from gestation for the record)(that would involve the act leading to the conception of said gestation), is that Amelia is potty training.  I know that the PC thing to say is “potty learning” but I’m convinced that she already knows exactly what she’s doing.  It’s me that needs to be trained.  She’s doing quite well in the pee category.  She has only had one accident in the 4 days that we’ve been at this.  Poo is another story but then again, it was for Ella too.  And every other kid I know.  Except the OCD kid who detested being dirty. 

I’m pretty proud of her.  She won’t pee anywhere except a toddler sized potty seat right at the moment but we’ll work on that.  Yesterday we ran errands for almost 3 hours in the afternoon.  We made at least 3 pee stops in that time that involved me squatting (I’m not pregnant, I swear) in front of her in random store restrooms, holding onto her legs so she didn’t fall in.  Not a drop.  She held it until we got home and peed a river the second we walked into the door.

The other exciting thing is that we are picking up Maya today.  Also the motivation for moving furniture.  We need to fold in another family member to our already close quarters.  One of our errands was to make a trip to PetSmart for necessary supplies like a bed and some treats and something to keep food in and a tag which Ella loved watching the engraving.  She recognized our phone number after the first two digits. 

Having a dog is like belonging to a really big club.  They have their own stores, their own parks and their very own topics of coversation.  Best of all, I may actually have somebody to actually listen to me and show a little appreciation.  The littles might actually learn something.

And I might spend more time off my ass.  Key word being “might”.


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