Walk the walk you talk.

Seven days into the new year and we are finally sorted out from the holidays.  In a mental way, not in a physical way.  I still have to dig out from the toy bomb that happened in our basement (ignited by a couple of two year olds) but that appears to also be an ongoing theme.  The kids are sleeping well, eating well, back to school and peeing on the tiny pink potty chair with amazing regularity.  (The second kid is a piece of cake in comparison to the first…if only in this particular instance.)

But then there’s the 40 pound wrench that gets thrown into the equation.  I think I have her almost figured out.  Maya is an attention whore.  We all have friends like this.  Except me.  And, since I don’t, the universe has seen fit to bless me with a dog that feeds off attention.  Craves it.  Demands it.  From.  Me. 

Well, shit.

I have to close us all into the girls’ room to get dressed in the morning or before bed.  I have to put Amelia on the table to put her shoes on for her.  Even taking a crap involves closing the door.  In all these cases (not to mention nursing, reading to or cooking for the littles) Maya makes a full hearted attempt to get between me and the kids.  Lays down; refuses to move. 

Also annoying:  knocks over food dish and then piles the kibble with her nose and eats it off the rug.  Goes ape shit crazy when I let her out of the crate.  So much so that Amelia has been knocked down several times in the last few days.  I either have to get her into training STAT or…I don’t know.  I hope training is the answer.  I know she’s only been here for a week and I know that she’s been through alot in the last year.  I’m not asking for much.  But if I had wanted to get a lap dog, I would have gotten a Yorkie.

I started a new bible study tonight titled “Walk the walk that you talk.”  We only got about 45 minutes of actual study in but I think I will like it.  We are starting with Ephesians.  Key words:  blessed, lavished, chose, predestined.  Not in that order. 

I keep taking myself (and the littles) back to the church.  I think it was probably my upbringing that makes it a safe place for me and I want my kids to feel safe.  Ella and I are visiting a Lutheran elementary school in the morning.  People seem suprised that I would drive my child(ren) more than 10 minutes to school when there is a perfectly good public school four blocks away.  Maybe this is another one of my wild hairs.  I’m not sure I can afford private school and I’m not sure why I want  my kids to be different. 

Honestly, I’d homeschool if I were just *that much* more motivated.  Truth is, I’m happier when my kids and I have a break from each other.  And I’d like to go back to working at some point (not working too hard, mind you…). 

I’ve not been happy with Ella’s preschool.  Actually the preschool itself is fine but I have very little faith in the competency of her teacher.  It’s her first year teaching.  I know everybody has a first year but why, oh why does it have to be with my kid???  I feel the same about nursing students.  I’m all for education but not on my family, okay? 

So here’s my short list of things that bug me about my kid’s preschool:

  1. There are DHS lists of approved snacks.  Please follow them.  Pudding, ice cream and fruit snacks are not acceptable. 
  2. If my kid goes to school with a jacket, she comes home in one.  Don’t stuff it in her backpack, citing time issues.
  3. Coloring book pages are not conducive to creativity.  Blank paper is.
  4. Make sure that all art supplies are washable.
  5. There is NO room for Santa in a Christian preschool.  Sorry to be a buzzkill.
  6. I don’t give a crap if my kid can read or write anything beyond her name when she leaves preschool.  I do, however, expect her to be able to talk through a conflict with a peer. 
  7. For the love of all that’s holy, check your grammar and spelling before you send out your weekly missive.

I’m just.  Irritated.  I could go on and on.  I’ve met with the director.  I’ve met with the pastor.  I’ve spoken to her teacher, briefly, but it’s trying to reason with a puppy.  Lots of head nods and excitement but not much comprehension going on.  Maybe this is a good thing.  I’ve been complacent in my kid’s religious education and, well, education in general.  School is for learning.  Home is for kicking back and being part of a family.  So, it’s off to private school we go.

Ella is very bright, very creative and articulate.  She is also emotional, impulsive and manipulative.  Or maybe that’s just to me.  She will do better in a smaller class setting and with teachers/administration who get to know the individual kids and families.  I think.  I don’t know. 

This could all be just another wild hair.


3 thoughts on “Walk the walk you talk.

  1. I’m no help at all with the littles… but for Maya, when you need her out of your hair… do you have a Kong toy? Or some other device into which you can stuff some peanut butter and treats? Then she could go to her dog-bed or crate with it and lots of praise. A raw bone would also keep her busy for a while! Just some thoughts…

  2. I can help with the littles on the educational front. Not a parent, just an educator (so there will be people who automatically dismiss what I say). I taught private education (5th grade) for the first two half of my life. I am now in a public middle school. I have loved all of it. Don’t get me wrong though there are moments that totally suck.
    For your littles, there can be good and bad days for them at school. Hopefully with the badder 😉 days fewer than the good. Within a school there is a culture. All teachers and staff influence that. A student and parents can survive with a “bad” teacher(of the bad academic sort). But a school has a hard time thriving with multiple bad staff (academic, culture breeders, wrong motives to be in education). You just “know” walking into a school, the office, and classrooms if you are in a good place.
    If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I LOVE being blunt, cutting to the chase, playing good cop and bad cop to let people (students) figure out their own needs. You don’t need anyone to tell you what to do but you might want a different perspective from “the other side”.
    P.S. Thought of you the other day when I was in a restroom with ten stalls. I was in one near an end and someone came in and went directly into the one right. next. to. me. Pisses me off now…never used to! Thanks for more hang-ups!

  3. Hi, I came over here from Underblawger. I have no advice for help with the kids and school but I can offer some hope for the pooch situation.

    From what it sounds like, you’ve only had her for a week? Is that right or did I misread that? Anyway, I’ve heard that with most dogs (not all) it takes about 4-6 months for them to settle in with a new living environment. Think of her as new kid trying to fit in and figure out the ropes. That being said, it’s a good time to start training or at least not reinforcing (unintentionally) the behaviors you don’t want.

    You’ve probably already talked to trainers so one thing I would suggest given that Maya has had a rough background is that you use a trainer who is dedicated to positive reinforcement or clicker training. It works better than so many people give it credit for. Any type of training can be expensive so if you’d like a suggestion for some books I’ve read that have helped me email me and I’ll be happy to give you some titles.

    Now, as for your two-legged kids…they send them home without their coats! Are they serious?

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