My love for frosting has no boundaries.

I’m trying a new thing.  It’s called “asleep before midnight.”  I know, foreign concept right?  It’s been years since that was the norm.  The last two nights, I sleep when everyone else is asleep and wake before the littles.  Today, it was 6:30 and I was okay with it.  I forgot how productive I can be in the morning.  I made a pot of coffee, watched the Today show, played with my crazy dog (who is growing on me by leaps and bounds) and filed coupons.  Somehow, it made the morning go smoothly.  And…this is a big and…I had no desire to nap with Amelia when the girls went down for naps.  I called friends, cleaned and vacuumed the living room, did laundry.  Basically did everything except get out to shovel snow. 

That would involve being able to zip up my winter coat.

Yes, it has gotten that bad.  Like a whole pan of pumpkin bars bad.  And, this, on the heels of a potential first date.

I got on the scale today and you could have knocked me over with a feather.  I vowed right then and there that I was going to do WW again.  And then we had Pizza Hut for lunch.  I could stand to be accountable again although I really do dislike WW.  Okay, I hate those bitches with the white hot heat of a thousand suns.  I hate their motivational meetings and former fatties.  I hate their fake cheese and plastic yogurt.  I hate their filling recipies that taste like the cookbook. 

I do, however, love frosting and butter and steak and bacon.  I enjoy cooking for my friends and I really enjoy eating out.  I like my sweat pants in the winter.  I adore sleeping in.  I like making bread and cookies and dips.  A bowl of Froot Loops with super cold milk right before bed hits the spot every time.  I love cheese.  In all its forms.  Except WW cheese which tastes exactly like the plastic bag it came in and melts just as well. 

But then again…

My walk needs to be scooped.  Which means that my coat needs to be zipped due to negative what-the-frigid-hell temps in my neck of the woods.  Which means that I either need to lose or restrict a minor internal organ again.  Or…get thee back to WW and suck up to the man, er, the bitches. 

It’s just really too bad that my dog has no sense on the leash and acts like a fool in the snow.  I could get behind a long walk. 

Again with the coat zipper.



3 thoughts on “My love for frosting has no boundaries.

  1. On my Goodreads page? You will find a book I half-read called “Skinny Bitch in the Kitchen;” it is loathsome. The basic premise? Eat these healthy recipes because you want to be pretty, and you can only be pretty if you’re thin. My friend Andrew called it “Veganism for the ‘Sex and the City’ crowd,” which was perfect. Sounds a lot like your assessment of some aspects of WW.

    Lots of recipes full of tofu, soy cheez, fake chicken and bottled amino acids…I think. I couldn’t finish it. Too many ink sketches of wasp-waisted WASPs. It was a gift. From my father.

  2. wow. i feel ya. i too love frosting with an unabashed passion.
    however, i have lost 20lbs on ww…. i am on ww now and i actually love the meating i go to. but seriously, i only like this one meeting. not so crazy and fake. i also refuse to eat their products…. and sometimes i skip lunch and eat frosting and grahm crakers instead… ha!

    anyway, i have never commented here before, but i read all the time. i love your writing, for real. i saw the link you posted awhile ago on dsd.

    again, i feel you on the coat and the ww.


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