Moment of zen.

Today’s moment of zen:

The words “Sit down and poop!” came out of my mouth, spoken to my youngest child, probably 55 times today.  She woke up needing to poop and told me so but got a shy colon once I demanded her to sit and poop (as opposed to standing and pooping in princess panties).

Fast forward to 3pm.  I’m in the kitchen, preparing to stir up some yummy Snickerdoodles.  You know, because I don’t have near enough cookies these days.  Ella is brushing her teeth.  Amelia is attempting, once again, to poop. 

Wait for it…

“Mama!  Maya eating my poop!  My poop!”

Sure enough, I walk in to find Maya with her muzzle in the potty chair bowl like it’s her food bowl.  Licking her chops!

She spent the next half hour outside, hopefully eating enough snow to rinse her mouth out. 

Tell me, again, why this was a good idea?


3 thoughts on “Moment of zen.

  1. It could be worse–Henry tried to eat his own poop yesterday. Thankfully he was stopped. Ew.
    Don’t let that dog lick you for a week or so!

  2. Jen, I sometimes read your blog because you are an amazing writer and should be writing a book very soon.And I admire you, you’re doing a great job of “keepin on keepin on”. Also you’ve been a good friend to my kid and everyone can use all the good friends they can get. Anyway as a seasoned Amtrak traveler I have many things to share with you. email me at and give me your email address. I promise not to abuse it.
    Barbara Latchford

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