Poster Girl

I?  Am the poster girl for “He’s just not that into you.” 

Because that’s the situation.  He, apparently, “didn’t mean to give me the wrong idea.”  according to our mutual friend.  Who he ran to today as soon as he could to discuss it.

My default answer is that if I were 130 pounds instead of 200 pounds, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.  Not that I want anybody who is that shallow (and I doubt he is, in reality) but you have to bait the hook, right?  I’m a catch and I know it.

I’m still going out though.  We all are.  I’m going to be a grownup about it.  And drink myself stupid if I have to.  I’m not driving and I have a babysitter so, why not?


3 thoughts on “Poster Girl

  1. Hmm, he’s a douche. That’s really the only thing I can say. Because you’re awesome, and we’ve never even met in person!
    He’s obviously intimidated by you.
    “There is no charge for awesomeness… or attractiveness.” –Po, in Kung Fu Panda.

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