The (relatively) horrible, no good, very bad day.

I have no time for superstition but I just realized what day it is.  Which would explain my day.  Which was shitty from word go.  Any one of these things would vary from kind of funny to total suck on any given day but all piled up?  Shitty. Day.

  1. Right after midnight, Amelia woke up and tried get her nurse on Ella’s back.  And was pissed when she figured out that Ella wasn’t me.  So I went in and got her and she ended up sleeping in my bed.
  2. I woke up full of snot.  Eyes, nose, sinuses, throat…full of snot.
  3. Tax refund was supposed to be deposited today.  Checked bank, money not there.  IRS website claims that my “refund has been delayed…check back later”.   3a:  In desperate need of both groceries and gas  3b: wrote out 4 checks in anticipation of the clockworkings of the IRS  3c:  Yes, I know that was wrong to float checks like that so the fallout will totally be my fault and not the IRS’s problem at all.
  4. When I took the trash to the curb, the children trashed the living room, Amelia peed her pants and the dog ate my underwear.
  5. We are late for school
  6. Amelia’s Britax won’t latch.  Too much Dr. Pepper spilled in the buckle I’d guess.  (Judge not…)  Must do the carseat rodeo and put in the spare seat.
  7. We are really late for school.
  8. I back into garbage can at the end of the driveway.  Van is fine, trashcan is fine.  I spend 5 minutes retrieving said trash from frozen street and hope that none of the neighbors are watching.
  9. Ella is the last one in the door at school.
  10. My sister calls me and tells me about the most wonderful morning at her house complete with snowday, coffee, huge snowflakes and calm child. 
  11. Got my butt kicked at water aerobics (not so bad but it contributed to my general exhaustion).
  12. Ella brings home armloads of Valentines Day projects, treats and candy.  Makes me feel like a heel for our cheapo internet valentines and Dum-Dum suckers
  13. While clamoring for candy, the children (still in their coats even though they were told repeatedly to take them off)  knock over my morning glass of water (still on the kitchen table…my bad) onto the mail, my Time magazine (unread) and my Rachael Ray magazine, open from my breakfast.  Both are destroyed.
  14. Also destroyed are the contents of my mailbox which included a valentine card from an aunt and a check.  I don’t realize that the check fell onto the floor (wet).  Dog destroys check.
  15. I cry.  Ella cries.  Frustrated because I don’t know why she is crying.  Turns out, she thinks that *her* things are also ruined but they are not.
  16. They eat.  We nap.

It’s noon by now.  Not much happened after naps.  Except that I discovered that I have pinkeye.  Or, rather, I have one eye that is pink.  Luckily, I have some drops here from the last time that one of my filthy fingered littles poked me in the eye. 

I?  Want to crawl into a hole.  Alone.  And not come out for days and days.  Like Monday.

Last year, I never told anyone that it was Stephen’s birthday.  I was in denial that it even existed.  This year, I can hardly function.  It’s true that the second year of milestones are harder than the first.   I didn’t think it was possible but I have had a harder time this go around. 

Oh, and Ella drew a picture of me this afternoon.  Little tiny head, large barrel body, glasses.  “Mommy…it’s you!”


This day can be over at any time.


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