Shopping list.

“I love you mommy,” Ella says out of the blue yesterday.  I was sitting at a stop light on our way to Wal-mart.  It is, of course, two days after Valentine’s day so the Easter candy is out.  Which means Cadbury mini eggs, Fiesta Eggs and Peeps (which will have the plastic sliced open and left to dry out a bit on the counter).

I love you too Ella.

“I still love Daddy but I think I would like a new daddy.”

Oh.  Well, that might take a while to find just the right person.  It takes a special man to be a daddy.

“I think **** should be my daddy.  And Melia’s daddy too.”

I am quiet.  Uncharacteristically.  I don’t know what to say.

“I like ****.  And he’s ***’s friend.  He would be a good daddy.”

Well, probably but we have to wait for somebody to choose us.  We’re okay for now, right?


I thought conversation was over and turned up the radio again.

“But I still need a daddy.  Mommy, find me a daddy.  Let’s get one at Wal-mart.”

I would Ella but it’s just not that easy.

“Yeah.  It’s not on the list today anyway.”


3 thoughts on “Shopping list.

  1. Well, HELL. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about that post.

    At least you know when you find someone (or he finds you), Ella is going to be all for it.

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