Welcome Baby Olivia.

I’m an auntie!  Again!

Olivia Marie was born at 8:20pm, tonight.  She was just shy of 36 weeks but came out hollering so I guess we are related after all.  She is 6 pounds, 6 ounces and 18 inches long.  SIL was induced due to high blood pressure and made it through the whole labor, fully dialated and then couldn’t push her out after trying for quite a while.  Olivia was born by crash c-section.  This is all via my mother so I will call my brother tomorrow and get the full (real) story.  So welcome, baby Olivia, to our crazy family.

Oh, and I’m still working on her gift.  Which won’t fit for another two months or so.  Which is good because it just might take me that long to finish it. 

I am feeling better.  I went to the doctor (urgent care) because I thought my ears were going to explode.  I have, yet another, sinus infection.  I got an antibiotic and a whoop-ass decongestant.  And a nap.  Turns out, I probably didn’t need the antibiotic (and might just save myself a co-pay for next time and keep the remaining 9 days worth for next go around) but just the decongestant.  And the nap.  Never underestimate passing out with a two year old warming the small of your back.

I also have secured a babysitter for tomorrow afternoon.  I won’t believe that until I actually get to leave the house sans littles but at least there’s hope.  I don’t know exactly how I will spend my hard won 4 hours…there might be a pedicure (or a massage if I am so lucky) involved.  I know there will be mongolian grill for lunch.  Beyond that?  Does it matter? 

Maya and I are going to come to blows.  Not literally but I’m going to have to do something.  She is breaking out of her kennel.  She bangs on the door to it in the mornings to wake me up (which is better than barking I suppose) and now the plastic is cracking above where the door is secured.  And, she is still jumping all over me.  It’s worse than it was when she moved in.  I go all Cesar Milan on her and turn my back and ignore her but it just makes it worse.  I know what he would say…she needs to be walked more.  And she will be as soon as A) spring comes a little closer and/or B) she quits acting like an asshole on the leash.  Because walking her is fixing to either dump me on the ice or take my arm out of its socket.  She’s better on the harness but, alas, I left it on her (black harness on black dog) and kenneled her for the night.  It must not have been comfortable to lay down with it on because by dawn’s early light, she had it chewed to bits.  My bad.  I have yet to replace it.

Still not sure if she was a good idea or not.


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