Get the winter funk out.

My guts have healed nicely just in time for a warm spring day.  Again, with the weather.  My little summer babies are in absolute heaven.  We took Maya for a walk (and she did NOT act like an asshole the entire walk) and ate snack on the front step.  We played outside, went to the store specifically to buy sidewalk chalk and left with a Radio Flyer scooter, ate grilled hot dogs with friends on the deck.  The kids were filthy.  Wonderfully filthy and tired enough to crash almost immediately.  Perfect.

The littles also discovered the joy of Nerds.  Not “Revenge of”.  Nerds the candy.  The little rocks in the box with the little tabs and you shake the candy into your mouth.  My girls?  Ripped off the top and spilled half of it into their respective car seats.  But at least it keeps them busy trying to get it out.  It was a happy mom moment…the joy of kid candy.  Much like the day that Ella brought home Fun Dip in her valentine box and I got to teach her what to do with it. 

Ella will be five years old this summer.  Five.  I have managed to keep someone alive for five years.  Hard to believe.  Amelia will be three.  They play together now.  We can go places without a stroller or a diaper bag.  We have three way conversations. 

I’m so pleased and proud.


One thought on “Get the winter funk out.

  1. Dude – totally get them the “nerds on a rope” – it’s a sugar rush and totally crap but YUMMY!!! And they don’t go all over like the nerds in a box!

    Really – sometimes I swear I never left age 8 – I love all things candy/sweet/junk… we nearly fell over ourselves at the neighbor giving out Pixie Sticks for Halloween…. you’d have thought we hadn’t had sugar in ages (and fun dip … yummy!!!)

    Ahhhhh to be a kid again! OH WAIT – even better.. I am an adult and I can just go buy it for myself — BONUS LOL


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