My girls.

Because I can’t think of anything to say, here are pics…


My baby girl, Maya.  Isn’t she purty??


Ella wants to take Maya for a walk.  Maya has other plans.  That probably involve counter surfing or napping.


Assuming her post-supper floor cleanup  position.  “Ate.  Too.  Many.  Peas.  Must nap.”


A baby after my own heart.  Love.  Her.


All a girl needs is a well placed boa.


2 thoughts on “My girls.

  1. Everybody else will tell you how gorgeous Amelia and Ella are, so I’ll focus on Maya.

    BEAUTIFUL! I love when dogs get that frosty white on their chin and the very tip of their muzzle under their nose.

    Related note, Fabulous Fiancee’s mom, who is undergoing chemo for colon cancer, and who also has allergies but loves the idea of a dog… got a dog. A Shih Tzu/Bichon, a year old. Had her a week and tried to unload her on FF and The Boy, but their Odin had a three-hour panic attack, and they made Mom take her back. They’ve decided to give it more time, and I told them I’ve had adoption remorse with every single dog I’ve ever gotten (12 since 1988), wondering what the HELL I was thinking, but in a month or so (or the 6 months it took Darwin and Brody to stop trying to kill each other) I can’t imagine the household without them.

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