Sedating a rhino.

The windows are open tonight and I probably won’t close them all the way even when we sleep.  I don’t believe for one second that we will be harmed by the cool air or random kidnappers.  The littles were tucked in early because, thanks to the time change, they haven’t been to bed on time in a week and a half.  And how fun for me.

Ella has dropped her naps completely.  I usually make her have quiet time in the afternoon but, the last few days, I have insisted that she sleep.  She was absolutely exhausted.  No dice.  I lose. 

So here’s my dirty little secret.  One of them anyway.  I love to nap.  I try to do it every day.  Amelia wants me to lay with her at naptime and, well, it’s just that much more difficult to get up when you have a sleeping toddler breathing all over you.  It should be bottled and used to sedate charging rhinos or something because it puts me right out every time.  So it seems that I am going to have to find a new afternoon vice.  Like boxed wine or General Hospital. 

I do, in fact, have fifty-eleven things to do before I leave town on April 3rd.  You know, so you can case my house.  I can tell you right now, there is no cash hoarde.   Sorry.  I do have a 12 year old tv and you can have that if you really must.  The littles are spending some time with grandma.  Everyone, all around, is excited.  Particularly me. 

I don’t know.  I’ll probably miss them.  Eventually.  Maybe.   But being without them for days at a time (9 to be exact) and leaving them with a hypochondriac, protective grandma is not without baggage.  Lots and lots of baggage.  Packing , coordinating, planning…gives me something to think about.  Something other than the weather.  And what to create for the next meal.

I have this friend who went raw.  Meaning that she only eats uncooked foods.  Vegan.  She’s 8 days into it and feeling great.  This is the same friend who has tried every diet known to man:  no sugar/no flour, the master cleanse, weight watchers and (my favorite) the eat out every day, drink every night diet.  But this time may be different.  She feels good.  She eats better.  More energy and less mood swings.  Makes me consider what I put in my mouth today.

Generic cap’n crunch, homemade pepperoni pizza, root beer, chocolate stars (sidenote: I was going to make peanut butter blossom cookies but the stars didn’t last long enough to become cookies), gum, fruit snacks, teddy grahams, soft shell tacos, more chocolate stars, glass of milk.  Where are the veggies you say?  Don’t know.  Not sure how that happened.  In my defense, it is two days until grocery day and we are leaving in a few weeks for a few weeks so I’m trying to weed out the cupboard and freezer. 

Is it any wonder that napping is my favorite hobby or that I’m still ice cream cone shaped?


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