La vie boheme.

I know, I know. 

I’ve been busy.  It’s an 80 hour work week and mama isn’t used to this.  Apparently, I’m older than I was last year. 

I will be able to write more later about how I left my littles with MIL and not-my-stepfamily and how the matron of the step family is on her death bed for the 18th time this year and keeps getting better.  And maybe how my children can be bought off by bright pink shoes that (gasp) light up.  Or quite possibly about the union brothers and their love of homoerotic humor.

But I leave you with this little gem:

What does a stagehand smell like after sex?    Mace.


2 thoughts on “La vie boheme.

  1. How do you know the carpenters have been using your Genie lift?

    Because the power cord looks like a mating ball. ™Preston Fisher.

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