Gym dandy.

La Boheme opens tonight.  I could have used a nap today because yesterday was exhausting and long but, instead, the littles and I were “guests” at a hoity-toity gym.  It wasn’t even a gym.  There was a gym but there was also a spa, a restaurant, a climbing wall, water slides, deep wood lockers, full size towels, a play area better than any daycare or ChuckECheese and, to top it off, the whole place smelled of lavender. 

I don’t think I can ever go back to my ghetto Y ever again. 

It’s an oasis.  And, for the record, I was the fattest one there.  I could only get to a 4.2 on the treadmill which was a quick trot (or a slow jog) for me.  That 5K thing?  Maybe not.  I’ll have to find myself a sports bra but for about 30 seconds I was in the groove, lost in the Twilight soundtrack (which is one of the highlights of that movie…other than that beautiful boy who plays Jacob.  Woof.)  Why should I feel like I have to get in shape just so I don’t offend the sensitivities of Lexus-land mamas?  I wish I could answer that question.  I just have to do it I guess.

I am sincerely happy that the show opens tonight.  I really like doing what I do and I like it even better when you get the rush of a live audience.  But I am also kind of sad because the opening is the beginning of the end of my time here.  I only get one gig a year (maybe two next year?) and I will miss it.  Last time I was ready to go home.  This time?  Is different.  I know that living here would be different than just visiting. 

But maybe it’s time to come home.


One thought on “Gym dandy.

  1. LOL – that’s the gym we belong to…. we used to belong to the Y but for a whole $10 more a month we found out we could just the hoity-toity Lifetime Fitness so we jumped at it.

    DH worries that it’s going to make our kids grow up with a skewed sense of reality … an “entitled” sense of being. I told him that we’ll just make them work really hard at home to earn money then make them pay for their membership… not sure he was convinced!

    But it’s super nice for sure and worth every penny! We’ve just taken classes there, haven’t yet had a the chance to work out (been too pregnant to do that) but I can’t wait!

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