Raising readers.

The littles are growing up around me.  They have become, for better or worse, friends.  Ella was talking today about her friends from school, naming them off one by one starting with her “best-best friend” and, I suppose, working down from there. 

What about Melia?

“She’s not my friend.  She’s just my sister.”

Well, you know, sisters are your first and last friends.  She will *always* be your sister.

“Auntie Monica is your sister.  Is she your friend?”

She is my best friend, yes.

“Okay, well Melia can be my friend then.  But maybe not my bestly friend.”

Fair enough.

I have to admit that I enjoy large bits of our days.  Except from the half hour before supper until the half hour before bed.  I remember that time being tough when they were infants but it’s still difficult.  And, it’s far worse during the early days of the week.  I will be interested to see if that continues into the summer.

Ella is learning to read.  As I have suspected for a few months, she knows quite a few words on sight.  I caught her “reading” a book about a week ago.  I took the words out of the book and wrote them onto cards and she really is reading…probably 20 or so words.  But it’s something! 

I love books; it’s no secret.  I am reading no less than five books at the moment.  My idea of the perfect day involves a compelling book, a variety of seating surfaces, an endless supply of beverages and food that can be eaten with one hand (and that doesn’t require a napkin), open windows and only the sounds of nature. 

I made it three days after the release of Jen Lancaster’s fourth book before I had to go and buy it.  Hardcover.  Full price.  I’m not all that bright.  I am three quarters of the way through Pretty in Plaid.  It’s the story (in memoir form just like the other books) of her childhood and adolescence.  Basically a prequel to Bitter is the New Black.  As much as I love Jen and her blog and her other three books…it took me a good 125 pages to start to enjoy this one.  The constant use of present tense irritates me.  I didn’t really start to enjoy it until she got to college age.  Basically until she figured out who she was and quit trying to be what she thought other people wanted her to be. 

The fact that Ella is reading thrills me to no end.  I want her (both of them) to get lost in books.  I want them to disappear into the world of wizards and vampires and munchkins and hobbits. 

Not to mention that it has to be a heck of alot quieter than it is now.


3 thoughts on “Raising readers.

  1. I love your perfect day. I assume that the beverage selection includes a range of tea?

    And it is wonderful that Ella is reading. I think that reading may be the single most important thing a person can learn to do in their lifetime.

  2. I’m wondering if the store w/the book signing will require that we buy the book there to get it signed. I doubt it, but some places do. Otherwise I’d have bought it already, too.

  3. You can bring your own book. Heck, you can bring a stack of books and she’ll sign them all. Ask me how I know. Okay, I’ll tell you why. It’s because about five dozen of those bitches were in line ahead of me. And there I was, not wanting to be greedy, with my one little book.

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