Time to go.

My only excuse for my extended absence is that I left my computer, camera and phone charger on the table when I left town last Thursday.

We are home.  Obviously. 

I was a hot mess when I left home.  And continued to get hotter.  The air conditioning went out in the van.  And, my mother had the brilliant idea that I should just bring Maya instead of kenneling her.  Fail.  Hot fail. 

All in all (other than the doggy situation), it was a successful weekend.  I found a place to live and it is beautiful and in a wonderful neighborhood in a little town very near to a big city.  Now it is a waiting game to see if I get it.  There is paperwork to handle and phone calls to make.  I told myself, as I was leaving town, that if this doesn’t work out, oh well.  It’s not like I have the energy to move.  Or the ambition.  Or, really, the money.  I have so many reasons to stay. 

And then there’s this:  we spent two nights at my parents’ new house.   It’s not new…just new to them.  They also live in a small town.  And it was city wide garage sale day.  My mom drags her junk out to the driveway and hopes for the best.  Ella discovered a friend.  A six year old lives next door to my mom.  A foster child.  The two little girls went from back door to back door across the yards.  They built castles out of boxes, got into makeup and jewelry, sat on the porch swing and talked for over an hour.  No tv, no distractions.  And we weren’t worried about busy streets or fences.  She banged out the door at 9am and I went looking for her after lunch. 

We, my girls and I, are meant to be in a small town. 

It’s time to go. 

It’s going to be hard work.  And it’s going to take a bit of waiting to see if I get my house.  But I think I’m ready.  I think.  I’m ready for something new.  And I miss my sister.  I miss my family. 

It’s time to go.


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