Rare, part 2.

There is a boy, was a boy, who has/had the exact same cancer Stephen had.  In this same town.  (So much for rare, right?) It was in the paper a month after Stephen died.  At that time, they were doing a fundraiser because they gave him only about 3 months to live and his parents wanted to spend every minute with him.  Understandable.  That was December 2007.

This boy, this young man of 15 years old, died two weeks ago.  The same way my Stephen did, surrounded by family.  This boy, in this same town, died of the same disease that took my husband.  But lived 18 months after diagnosis instead of Stephen’s five months.

I wonder what the difference is.  Age?  Doctor?  Attitude?  Diet?  Did he have a different chemo regimen?  Take vitamins?  Did more people pray for him?  The right people?  This kid had NF too but had many, many more complications over his lifetime than Stephen did.  And, Stephen got, what, 17 more years? 

His parents must be exhausted.  And overcome by…well…two weeks after you lose your kid to cancer delirium and all that comes from it.  I want to call his mom.  I want to take her out to coffee.  Or for a beer.  I don’t even know her at all.  It’s not like me to call an acquaintance, much less a stranger.  So I doubt that I will unless I get “called” to do it one day.

My hope is that Derrick and Stephen find each other in heaven.  My hope is that they petition God to lead the scientists and doctors to get this thing figured out.

It’s rare, yes.  And even more rare for two young men in the same small-ish town to die from the same disease 20 months apart.


One thought on “Rare, part 2.

  1. Came here out of nowhere. I really think you should call or write. You’ve suffered from loss because of that awful cancer, and I don’t think many people can understand what it’s like unless they’ve been thru it too. Good luck!

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