Cleaning up my own mess.

My baby is asleep on the couch.  She and I are caught up in a bad habit.  She doesn’t go to bed when Ella does.  She wants to sleep touching someone (preferably me) all night long.  This?  Is making for a grumpy mama.

I created this.  I held her in the living room until Ella fell asleep and have been doing it for a while.  The two of them were messing around if they were awake at the same time.  It’s the same reason why Mimi naps in my room.  That, and if I *happen* to fall asleep next to her…oh well.  Well now, she gets all mad when I put her in bed.  Like screams and throws a fit.  What we need is consistent parenting, right?  Yeah well, all bets are off when you are threatening to wake the other child. 

This, too, shall pass.  Or something like that.  Do I take her to her bed or let her sleep on the couch until she wakes up sometime around 5 (or sooner if the asshats next door took the motorcycles to the bar)?

File this under parenting chores that I am sick of.  Also add: bathtime (better, now that Ella showers alone instead of baths), pretty much every meal (I am really, really tired of preschool chatter…I am outnumbered and they know it…they currently have the manners of monkeys.  Untrained monkeys.), clean up time (“Ella, are you helping your mom?”  “Yeah.  No.  Not really.  I got a new bike for my birthday!  Have you seen it?”) and grocery shopping.

My littles are growing up.  They are fighting with each other.  Having one distract while the other gets into the fruit snacks.  Wearing each other’s clothes.

I’m in big trouble here.

What’s that about being glad that I have girls?  I might have been wrong.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning up my own mess.

  1. Yikes! That would make this momma grumpy too. I need my sleep, especially after three kids. And to think, we’re thinking about having another.

  2. I want to cry because I have to be the one to put my Amelia to sleep and no one else will do and this happened with Alex too (but not Ben) and I just tell myself that in 10 years, none of them will want anything to do with me.

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