A good portion of my house is packed.  I hired (in a bartering labor-for-chuck roast kind of way) a burly young man to tote all the heavy, well, totes out of the basement.  I also borrowed a friend’s 11 year old daughter for a few days and had a friend come all the way from my soon-to-be hometown to help with the organization and continued packing. 

Ummm, this is actually going to happen.  And I’m a bit in shock.  The littles go to my mom’s tomorrow.  I will pick up a truck on Friday and drive it back here to load it on Saturday morning.  To unpack it on Sunday afternoon at MY NEW HOUSE.  Sorry.  For shouting.  There’s a wee bit of excitement underneath the crazy exterior.

I hit a wall of sorts last night.  Became paralyzed by the task at hand.  Felt actually ill.  My hair hurt, flu-ish, searing headache. 

This can’t be good.  I xanaxed myself to sleep last night (but not in a Heath Ledger way) and probably will tonight too.

The help I got today is refreshing.  I ran a few errands pertaining to a mini-birthday party for my baby and progress was made while I was gone.  How about that?  Never.  Happens.

I will potentially be without interwebs until sometime next Thursday.  Maybe.  So if you don’t hear from me…


One thought on “Quickie.

  1. Jenn,
    I miss you already. Doing the same thing you are and wondering if it’s the right decision. We leave on Friday and Mark is sure that we will need a semi instead of the 26 foot penske that we ordered. We may have stuff on the street. Keep in touch. I’m excited for you. You are a special person.

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