New things (like blogging in bed).

Holy crap!  It’s been a week already!

One full week without internet or tv or a home phone is a long, long time.

I can’t get my router to work (stupid cox cable and their self-installation option) so my notebook is hard wired to the modem like a fool.  Defeats all reasons for having said notebook.  Except that I get to blog lying down.  Which is new for me.

Lots of new things around here. 

  • My baby turned 3 on Sunday.  I might have wept a little.  You know, after everyone had gone and I was left in a maze of boxes.  My baby, who will always be my baby even if I am blessed with another baby at some point in my pre-menopausal years, is not technically a baby anymore. 
  • Ella saw her school and is fully registered.  She also campaigned for her own room and won.  Who knew that if I gave her a place of her own that she would make her bed, pick up her toys and take showers independentally all at the same time?  I didn’t.  In hindsight, I should have knocked down a wall to make her a bedroom in our old place.  I might have needed less medication to cope with my days…
  • I got to drive truck again for 568 miles.  I do love driving truck.
  • My new house sports about 700 more square feet than I had before but lacks in quality.  The carpet is the color of dirty snow.  I am displeased and maybe should have held out for the original house instead of getting into one quickly.  Maybe displeased is not the right word exactly.  How about, had to get blazing drunk to dull the feeling of distaste and disappointment upon seeing my ugly assed carpet.  Not that I’m ungrateful.  But my bedroom furniture soooo doesn’t go with the “dirty snow” theme that the builder had in mind.  I’m just saying.

More on all of this later.  Just wanted to say that we’re here.  And we’re okay. 

I also wanted to say that there’s an old saying that goes something like “Funerals bring out the best in people or the worst in people.”  I’d like to add moving to that list.  Except that, in my case, moving brought out the best in everyone around me.  I know that those people who never wanted to see that truck packed were the first ones to help and the last ones to leave when we were finished.  It was an amazing thing.  And still chokes me up, almost a week later.

So thank you.  And you know who you are.


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