A confession.

Nights have been hard this week.  The littles have gone to bed with little to no complaint (maybe it’s the smell of new carpet that has addled their brains?).  There isn’t much for actual cleaning thanks to moving into a new house.  And carpet the color of pewter…shiny dirt.  My dvr hasn’t had time enough to catch my favorite re-runs so television watching is a chore. 

I pace around.  Read a little.  Text alot.  Too much probably.  I think a little.  Too much probably. 

Meals have been mostly out even though we’ve been to the grocery store no less than three times this week.  A tank of gas is gone just from exploring.  It’s been too hot to play outside and the trees are too small to shade even a squirrel much less my babies. 

School starts next week and is still full of organizational unknowns.  How am I going to get Ella up at 6:45 every morning so that she can make her 7:24 bus?  Seems like such and unGodly hour to this family.  Especially me.  Hot lunch or cold lunch?  Old backpack or new?  Will she be in class with her one friend in town or will she be all by herself?  What will Mimi do without her?

I figured it out tonight.  And it’s all Facebook’s fault.

I miss my friends.  Don’t tell them that but I do.

They are all getting together and, well…I’m not there.  And I miss my friends.

This isn’t saying that my dance card here is less than full.  I got together with girls I haven’t seen since, oh, that summer that both Mother Theresa and Princess Di died.  So it’s been a while.  And it was wonderful to get together.  There is something so satisfying about being with people who knew you before you knew yourself. 

But I miss my friends.

And my kids do too and that’s just as hard.  Or harder.


3 thoughts on “A confession.

  1. I hear ya!! It is hard to start over again all fresh and new…but you gotta trust that God has a plan for us…and that this is the right thing! I sucks soooo bad that all the friends could not all be in one place!! LOL right?? what if we all just lived around the corner from each other…how wonderful would that be…I just keep trusting that God has lead me down this path that he so wants me to be in right at this moment and at this time and place…and all will fall into place for sure. I know He will do that for you and the girls too!
    I love and ADORE you and am sending you positive vibes in the new week ahead!!

  2. There is something so satisfying about being with people who knew you before you knew yourself.

    I love that line- it is soooo true. That will forever be one of my fave. quotes!

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