Simple times.

I need some new music.

Pandora has failed me with their “you must pay after 40 hours” rule.  Yeesh.  You mean the Internet isn’t free?

I’ve been on a Billy Joel kick.  Also, 80’s and 90’s rock ballads.  Still can’t get enough of those.  Got a cliche?  Turn it into a song.  Never Say Goodbye.  Every Rose Has its Thorn.  Love Bites.  Don’t Know What You Got Till its Gone.

It was a simpler time.  Remember when we used to leave the house and return only for meals?  When bikes and skates were far better than anything on TV?  I had a taste of that tonight.  Our neighborhood is almost complete.  There are kids every-freaking-where.  It’s not a through street at all.  Nobody even knows we’re here really.  Every yard was full at one time or another tonight, mine included.  Lots of running and jumping and digging in the empty lots.  New friends everywhere. 

And the crisp apple taste of fall has come to our town.  It probably won’t last but I’ll take it while I can. 

I have accepted that this is where my children will spend their school years.  The years that they will remember when they think of their childhood.  They will see the layout of the house in their dreams, decades later.  They will drive by long after college is over, maybe with a future husband, and remember when that looming maple was little more than a stick.  I know it’s just a house.  Four walls and crappy carpet.  But they need to feel like it’s home.  And every day it is more and more like home.

I put pictures on the walls yesterday.  The kitchen has been used.  The windows have been open for so many days in a row that the place doesn’t smell like paint.  This might actually work for us.

It isn’t like me to be all sunshine and daisy happy.  And that’s not it exactly.  And it’s not even contentment.  It’s just that I can see the future here.  The three of us.  I see our shadow every time we walk through a parking lot.  Me in the middle, my babies on either side holding my hand.  That’s us.  That’s where we are.  Right now.

And then there’s this.

So I had a friend over all day today.  We were going to be productive but the breeze going through my house got the best of us and we ended up studying the insides of our eyelids.  During supper, my friend mentioned that she had a cat.

“You do?!?”  Ella says, dramatically.  (Everything with her is all about dramatics.  At five.  I’m so in trouble.) “What’s his name?”

Miss Kitty.  The girls laugh, repeating it.

“Is it a tiny kitten?”

Nope she’s a big, fat cat.

“As fat as my mom?!?” 


Time to get the gym membership.  Little kids call it like they see it.  And my kid just called it.

4 thoughts on “Simple times.

  1. OH MY GAWD! How do I miss thee?? You have made me chuckle! I am so happy for you and the girls! This entry sounds so upbeat and ready to go into Fall with a brand new perspective!! You and you girls!! the 3 Musketeers!!
    And thank you for the chuckle!!
    Love ya!!

  2. Guess who I’m gonna recommend. Go ahead. Guess. The new Cross Canadian Ragweed album, Happiness and All The Other Things is awesome. There’s one piano-intensive song that is very Billy Joel-ish (My Chances), one very Dylan-ish (51 Pieces), one is fairly country-ish, there’s a song about Cody’s son (Bluebonnets), some dark late-60s sounding stuff, the variety is not to be believed.

    • You know I never reply, Lori but…I had to laugh. Would never have guessed it coming from you!!! Okay, Okay…I’ll pick one up. But he is totally not going to be my boyfriend.

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