Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.

I’m positive that there are a million posts, articles, tweets and Facebook rants about health care and insurance in this country.

I’ll go ahead and add mine right here.

When we lived in Iowa, I had to buy my own health insurance since I was self-employed (what…being a full time mom is self-employed…) and paid for it myself.  Redundant but true.  The cost was reasonable and pretty much everything was covered and medicine had a reasonable co-pay.  The girls were covered by Iowa’s kick ass state kids health insurance program.  It covered everything and I paid about 20 bucks a month for it.

Let’s just say…I got spoiled.

So I move.  And the girls obviously can’t take Iowa insurance to a new state.  And mine was not portable out of the state of Iowa (which also made going to Mayo out of the question…but that’s a different blog post entirely.  God bless Mayo and their willingness to work with me.)  So I have been in search of new health insurance. 

The girls do not, at this time, qualify for the state health insurance here.  This state is dead ass last in insuring low to middle income children.  In order for the three of us to be on one policy here of the same caliber as the one I just came from was going to be in the neighborhood of $800 per month.  Which, for me, is alot.  More than alot.  About a quarter to a third of what comes into this house.  So I can’t swing that.  The agent and I work with numbers and policies and I’m just about beside myself.  So she gets the insurance rep on the phone who takes our info and asks a few questions about our health in a general way because she pretty much knows what the underwriters will say.

Sidenote:  Who are “the underwriters”?  Is that like a “ghost writer”?  I’m pretty sure they don’t actually exist.  Hi, I’m Bob, I’m a Construction Worker.  Hi Bob, I’m Larry and I’m an underwriter.  See…you need hear of that.  Or maybe it’s just me.  I suspect a middle level cubicle rat with a computer screen plugging in a theorem of some sort and having the computer spit out cost and benefit percentages.  The line in the sand, if you will.

I get a call on Monday.  Our insurance was set to expire on Tuesday.  I was told that Ella would NOT be covered by this company at all.  Because she has a diagnosis (NF-1).  No treatment.  No medication.  No Complications.  Nothing.

She is a child.  She is five years old.  And my insurance company…or soon to be I guess…won’t cover her.

I am fighting the urge to throw up.

We?  Are the people to fight for.  I can’t afford $800/month out of pocket.  Not to mention copays and all that it doesn’t cover.  My big girl?  Will have to go uninsured until I can figure out what to do.  And that scares the baby bejeebus out of me. 

I suppose I do have other options.  I can go out and find a job with some kind of employer sponsored health plan.  If those even exist anymore.  I could free lance and take more gigs every month to afford something spectacular for us.  Or afford to stash money aside if anything were to go wrong.  Of course, one MRI is, what, five grand?  And that’s just for one scan.

I just feel defeated. 

One more card that I don’t want to play.  Can’t fold, can’t go all in. 

And just waiting around is asking for trouble.


4 thoughts on “Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.

  1. As a non-supporter of the government taking over anything…I would have to say something needs to change. When the insurance/medical industry screws people over for years on end the result is government intervention. That sucks Jenn!

  2. Hey Jenn,
    Insurance is such a racket and I’m sorry you’re caught in this.
    Iowa gets a lot of flack but at least they have good insurance for kids and it started somewhere with a mom just like you who was fed up with the insurance situation. Find out who your congress-people (state/fed)are and write them a letter demanding better insurance. They need to hear from constituents like you to put a real face to this problem because right now there’s way too much wacky/crazy crap floating around and they need intelligent/level headed women like you to tell them to knock off the politickin” and get busy with finding a plan to insure all of us–especially the littles. Okay, I’m climbing off my soap box…Hugs, K

  3. We went through 3 different insurance companies within a year. (Change of jobs) Then our last one (the one through my husbands company) went up by $200 a month. Who can afford that? So I started shopping around. And I really shopped around. I found Aetna. It covers everything we had before and we pay less than $500 a month and it includes some extras.

    We even have so many things on our medical records it’s not funny. Some companies wouldn’t even consider us because of one or all of us having one thing or another currently or in the past.

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