Wrist-down labor only.

I suck as a blogger, sorry.

I had a headache and when I would start to write I would, uh,…

I don’t really have a good excuse for not writing.  Even my itunes DJ thinks I abandoned it.  I added some new music tonight.  itunes really knows how to sell the music.  I was in the mood for some Jason Mraz-ish (but not Mraz himself because I have d-bag issues with him).  I found some great stuff from 03-04-05.  You know, the good years.  For me anyway.

Fall is here.  My mood is better than, well, it was.  So that’s something.  As a note to self: this isn’t a good time back off on the meds.  Just a thought.  I am sleeping again.  A little too well, a little too often.  And, well, that’s why I haven’t been writing.

The littles make it to bed and I am not far behind.  Getting up with Ella every morning is starting to take its toll.  Er, it’s putting me on a regular, human-like schedule of sleeping at night and being awake in the day.  I still love a good nap when the little one is down but I don’t “need” it.  Nope.  I can stop any time I want.

Wait.  What?

Anyway, we are all settling into routines.  My house still smells like paint and (ugly) carpet glue but it’s getting better now that the windows are open all day.  So that might have something to do with the sleeping issue.  Love me some crisp fall air.  I made chicken noodle soup and biscuits today and changed dresser drawers from summer to fall, officially.  We’re probably done with sun dresses and tank tops. 

We spent the weekend with FIL at his acreage.  His “neighbors” had goats, about a dozen of them.  Among the herd (is it a herd of goats??) was a mama with two babies.  3 days old.  By far the cutest things on the planet.  I have been thinking that our next house will have land enough for goats.  And a few chickens.  Maybe a border collie or a hound of some sort.  One of the baby goats wasn’t feeding well and got weak so the girls got to watch the farmer (and his wife) feed the baby with a syringe.  You would never have known that there wasn’t a nipple on that thing the way he sucked a slurped at it.  A-freaking-dorable.

I’ve been working some (boring, I know) but I really like it.  I don’t get it most days…I’m not all that into opera to tell you the truth; I’m a musical theatre kind of girl…but they aren’t paying me to think.  I am wrist-down labor only.  Mostly computer and calendar and contracts and copier.  And I get to play travel agent every once in a while which is fun. 

Oh, and remember that part about getting back into WW?   Yeah.  About that. 

Maybe I’ll save that for tomorrow night.

4 thoughts on “Wrist-down labor only.

  1. Ah…chicken noodle soup and biscuits!!!! I just got so excited for fall. It takes a while for the cool weather to make it down this way, but it is by far worth the wait. Enyoy your fall…it sounds wonderful!

  2. I think it would be more fun to toss a couple too many back, have spillage, and need carpet replacement! You win win – fun beverages and new carpet! 😉
    I’ll agree with you though – there is nothing worse than that nasty umm…petroleum smell.

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