The one where I take my grandma to New Moon.

One more thing to check off my list:  family holiday at my house.

Remember that part where my mom volunteered my house for Thanksgiving?  And I chose, at that moment, not to say a word.  That is the part where my grandma gets invited.  If it hadn’t been for her, I would have chucked the whole idea.  I made a ham (as requested by my oldest little), cheesy potatoes (funeral potatoes), pan braised brussels sprouts with bacon and shallots, handmade whole wheat bread and Dutch apple pie.  I was a busy girl before noon!  Thank you America’s Test Kitchen cookbook.  You made brussels sprouts palatable and pie heavenly.

My grandma is so cute.  I took her to see New Moon this afternoon.  She’s read all the books.  She’s pushing 85.  It was, admittedly, my second time seeing the movie.  I’ll save my review for another post because I realize it’s fiction and I also realize that it was written with the fifteen year old, “True love waits” crowd in mind.  But let’s just say that I’d go to jail for a little bit of that yumminess that is Taylor Lautner.  Oh Em Gee.  Take me down to paradise city.

Er….yeah.  Cougar, much?

Starting tomorrow, I head into my Christmas show season.  Tiny Tim versus the tiny Nutcracker dancers.  I should be full of the Christmas spirit by the end of the week.  Or homicidal.  It’s all my fault.  I all but volunteered for both.  I’m such a sucker for shows that people actually want to see.  Wait.  What? 

It’s not that I don’t like doing the opera.  It pays pretty well and I get to play with big stuff but there’s something to be said for the homegrown, local favorites that people crawl all over each other to get a better seat.  And then there’s the drama of stage parents and the one stage mom of an understudy who might actually push the star down the stairs to get her kid on stage.  Have to keep an eye on that one.  Or, keep my camera handy.  I’m not sure which. 

So that’s it.  Another holiday. 

It gets easier.  Time helps.

I have to keep reminding myself of that.  This year is easier than last year was.  The littles grow a little each day.  I am proud of who they are becoming and how far we have come.

Time helps. 

Help me remember.


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