On being a hermit.

There is nothing like a winter’s evening, a Christmas tree, Frank Sinatra on the digital music channel…and a small child passed out on the couch. 

It would be a perfect scene, for sure, if the child asleep on the couch didn’t wake up every 12 minutes to puke into a bowl and then pass out again.

So, there’s that.

I’m selfishly sad that she is sick on a Wednesday night because that means she can’t go to school tomorrow.  And that I can’t go finish my shopping all alone like I did on Tuesday.  Poor baby.  Poor mama.

I guess I will have to shop the interwebz tonight instead.  It’s almost as fun as walking around the mall.  Amazon is like the Mall of America of the internet world.  We’re wandering, we’re wandering…wheee….roller coaster.  Okay, it’s nothing like the Mall of America but I’m such a huge fan of Amazon at the moment.  Of course the Kindle is on the front page, taunting me because the Nook (Barnes and Noble’s much better, cooler version of the book reader) is backordered until sometime in February and I am still Instant Gratification Girl after all.  It makes me want to order the Kindle and have it here by this time next week. 

Or, I could just stop shopping for myself.

I did, on the recommendation of The Pioneer Woman, order THREE gifts from www.thecakepanlady.com because I am a firm believer in one stop shopping.  Thus, the trip through the aisles of Amazon. 

Turns out, I don’t ever need to leave home.  Thus, adding to my hermit ways.  Just like Netflix. 

I’m not a total hermit.  Amelia had her preschool program last night.  Is that even possible that my baby stood in front of 75 people and sang her heart out?  Because she did.  She did NOT have the solo but she stood up with the child who did and sang along with her.  Man, I wish I had the guts to do that.  I almost lacked the guts to go.  (Why couldn’t she have gotten the pukes on Monday night?) 

I love her preschool.  Okay, it’s really a daycare with a preschool in the morning and then she stays for lunch and nap.  It’s spendy for two days a week but, just like the occasional cut and color, I’m worth it.  Her teacher rocks.  The directors have their shit together.  The other parents….okay let’s just leave it with the teacher and directors. 

How about this picture?  I was the only parent without: a spouse, a camcorder, Uggs, a set of grandparents, a full carat, a personal trainer and, apparently, a hairbrush.  But my kid was cute.  Super cute.  Even if I wasn’t. 

I guess I will be home tomorrow…making more cookies…possibly a coffee cake.  And check your mailbox for a Christmas card from us.  And if you want one, let me know.  I overordered.  Again.  I should really count before I shell out for photo cards.

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