If you give a kid a camera…

…she’ll want to take a picture. 

In church. 

During the annual Sunday School program where the preschool and kindergarten children do their singing and then return to their parents. 

Where they are forced to sit for an hour. 

At a time of night when they are usually bathed, snacked, read to and practically asleep.

So, a five year old with a camera?  Whatever keeps her quiet.

Because this one was NOT quiet.  She still thinks that church = donuts.  And didn’t understand at all why she couldn’t get a bite to eat.

We finally had to go out and get some water.

It’s a good thing that these nice folks next to us only had grandsons and were pleased as punch to share a pew with two curly haired girls.

And that these smiley people in front of us wanted their picture taken. 

I think the little girls might know each other from school or something.

But if you give a kid a camera (as opposed to these crazy dedicated parents who stood behind a lens for the entire hour)…

…she will eventually take a picture of you.

And the detail of your sweater.

But most of the pictures…94 of them in total…looked very much like this:

Just keeping the “Christ” in Christmas, y’all.

Today’s photographer was Ella.  And don’t mind the crumbs on my carpet.

My babies are rehearsing “Away in a Manger”.

And I get choked up every time.


2 thoughts on “If you give a kid a camera…

  1. OMG!! The picture of the “pleased as punch grandparents that only had grandsons” made me laugh out loud! That’s really funny!

    Your girls are just beautiful! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. Mine is Silent Night and it gets me every time…as does All the Single Ladies but for different reasons…
    Love you!!
    Thank you for the pics!!

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