Fat camp, day 8.

I know that I have already posted this to Facebook, texted everyone who may not have seen Facebook and shouted it to the world but…I am down another 3.1 pounds!  This is day 16 (officially) since I started all this madness and I have lost about 6 pounds.  16 days!  6 pounds! 

Go me!

Seriously, though, I almost stayed home tonight.  Ella was in a snit.  Amelia was…naughty.  And antagonizing both of us.  I was not looking forward to the weigh in because you never know what their scale will say.  (And who weighs themselves with shoes on?  That’s so not fair.)  I was really not looking forward to the workout.

And I don’t know why.  Probably because each day, each class, is getting more difficult.  I realize that that’s the point.  You don’t want your body getting all used to a particular exercise.  Nope.  But there is something about interval training that makes me tired just to think about it. 

Tonight was ab work.  I haven’t seen my abs in years.  Maybe a decade and a half?  Longer?  Okay, maybe I have never actually seen my abs.  Even in the best of times.  We would go and do 5 or 8 or 12 minutes of cardio work and then jump back to Molly and contort ourselves and hold ourselves up by our abs only. 

Think I’m kidding?  Let’s go for a boat ride.  Except no boat.  And a 9 pound bar that represents the oar.  Sit down.  Lean back.  Further.  Now lift your feet off the ground.  I know…hard right?  Okay, now row.  Make big circles in a rowing motion with the bar.  60 times.  30 each side.  Don’t put the feet down.  Nice big circles.

Hurts, doesn’t it?

I did have a few major and minor accomplishments tonight.  I battled the elliptical and won.  I made it.  I did it without stopping.  I didn’t fall off.  I didn’t have the midstride hiccup that usually makes me go backwards when I wanted to go forwards.  Also…and this is big…Molly made us jog.  Unless we have a medical reason (and I don’t…yet), we had to jog.  It was supposed to be one minute jog, one minute walk, one minute jog…for 10 minutes.  But that’s a pain to keep changing the speed on the treadmill.  So I walked the first minute, jogged for FIVE!  Walked for one minute and jogged for the last three minutes.  I couldn’t even enjoy the moment…I honestly thought I was going to throw up.  But, I did it.  The other minor accomplishment is that we had to do planks for 30 seconds, three times.

A plank is when you put your very sweaty forearms on the mat (try not to slip or think about who else’s sweaty arms have been in the exact same place) and stretch out.  Put yourself on your toes like you are going to do a real push up.  Flat back.  And…hold.  For 30 seconds.  Rest for 30 and do it again.  And, one more time.  I was shaking after the first 10 seconds.  I could have taken a knee.  But I didn’t.  I held the pose.  And collapsed into a heap of my own funk after it was over.

So, that’s it.  Not much to report.  Not terribly exciting.  I didn’t swear at Molly.  The time went fast. 

And my formerly painful jeans are now delightfully snug.  I might be getting somewhere!

I am doing this.  Wow.


One thought on “Fat camp, day 8.

  1. Oh my God Jenn…6 pounds!! Congratulations!! It’s really a big deal that you dragged yourself to the gym yesterday. The hardest part is usually making yourself go. Once there, it’s not so bad.

    Really great news! So happy for you:)

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