Fat camp, day 23

Dude.  I don’t want to blog tonight.

Can’t.  Hardly.  Move.

I had personal training yesterday and I worked really hard.  Okay, that’s an understatement.  I worked my ass off.  Step ups, step downs, curls, presses, making me run (run!  really run!  6.0 run!).  I pay good money for this? 

I was sore last night.  Kind of.  It’s all relative at this point.  I hardly consider it worthwhile if I don’t leave the gym having burned 700 calories and needing a muscle relaxer. 

Not that I’ve ever had a muscle relaxer.  I have needed one.  But never had one.

Wednesday is weigh in day.  My plateau?  Yeah.  About that.  Let’s just say that I’d be happy to be the same as I was last week.


I know why.  I didn’t do much last week.  And I have been continuously hungry for blueberry scones (327 kcal per scone).  I haven’t been working.  Or sleeping well.  Or working out at full power (until yesterday).  But it’s really the scones. 

I blame the scones.

But really, I didn’t eat that many scones.

I’m curious about water weight.  Because I honestly didn’t eat two dozen scones.  I wanted to.  But didn’t.

So I google it.  Turns out that when you work your muscles, they get microscopic tears in them.  We all knew that right?  They tear and then use protein to rebuild and that’s how you grow your muscles.  High school biology, yes?  Okay but the muscle needs one thing to fill the spaces and help heal itself: water.  And lots of it.

Water isn’t just good for keeping you hydrated and flushed out.  Your muscles need it to heal.  Which is why YOU WEIGH MORE THE DAY AFTER YOUR TRAINER BEATS YOU NEARLY TO DEATH. 


So it wasn’t the scones.  It was poor personal training timing. 

Maybe I should switch my appointment to Fridays. 

I will say that it’s nice having my strongs back.  I pushed myself pretty hard tonight.  And the planks that just about killed me a month ago…I was able to go 45 seconds without shaking.  25 push ups were no problem.  Running hurts.  But I bitch and complain less.

If I can just burn my scone recipe.  I might have a chance.


2 thoughts on “Fat camp, day 23

  1. I want that scones recipe!!!

    Exercise is such a bitch because you never quite get there. Yeah, you may meet your goal, but then you have to continue working to maintane it. Just like life, some days are good, and some days just plain suck.

    Hope your next workout day is good one for you!

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