Fat camp, days 27 and 28

Final week of fat camp.

I have completed 9 weeks of training.  I have bitched and complained my way through about (at least) 25 workouts.  Even if I never said a word.

Like tonight.

We had our 30 minute treadmill test today.  I have known for a week that it was coming.  Also, today was final weigh-in and measurements.  Also knew that was coming.  And I might have made myself just a little bit ill thinking about it.

I feel like I started strong and pushed myself really very hard.  But it’s been a while since I’ve gone as far as seeing sparkles.  I attribute it to, what must be, a better cardio response.  Or, I just know how much it’s going to hurt.

On the surface, it seems innocent enough.  One woman.  One treadmill.  Zero incline….GO!  30 minutes.  How far can I run. 

About a minute and a half.

That’s h0w far.  Or how long.  (Here in the great plains, distance is measured in time…takes about a half hour to get to work but I couldn’t begin to tell you how many miles that is.) 

I can run for exactly a minute and a half.  Granted, it’s at a 5.2 because I feel like if I go any slower that I just might fall down because my body doesn’t know if I should be walking or running.  Sounds weird even to say it.  But that 5.0-5.5 range just feels right.

And then there’s the last 3 minutes with Molly at the side of MY treadmill, watching the minutes go by.  I’m in a fast walk at this point and my toes feel frostbitten.  That’s the only way I can describe it…frostbitten. 

They weren’t, of course.  In fact, Lifetime Fitness has a new committment to only “conditioning” part of the facility’s air.  Seriously?  My membership fee should go directly to air conditioning.  Directly on to me.  Using one of those gigantic basketball court fans that could rip the hand off a toddler in a heartbeat.  Screw the rainforest, save yourself.  (I don’t really believe that unless it is in air conditioning terms.  Big girls don’t like heat.)

The middle three toes, starting on my left foot and then my right, were searing by about 7 minutes.  They felt asleep and hot and stabby all at the same time.  But only when I was walking.  If I was running, then they felt better for a little bit.  And this only happens on a zero incline.

I was such a psycho by the end of the test that I looked at Molly and said Think I can run on a 6.0 for more than 30 seconds?

“I know you can.”

I revved up the treadmill to a 6.1 and maintained focus and felt pretty good.  For 55 seconds.  A new personal record.  With about 2 minutes to go, Molly told me that I should jog the last minutes so that I could beat my time from 6 weeks ago.  So I did.  Not fast.  Just a 5.2 but I finished ahead.

And then coughed every time I inhaled for about 2 minutes.  And finished my bottle of water.  And kicked off my shoes and massaged my still sleeping toes.

Sounds fun, right?

Here’s the kicker:  in the last 6 weeks, I have lost almost 4 inches off my waist.  And a little off my hips and thighs.  The scale has me at about half of my initial goal which was ambitious and lofty but what’s a goal if not a little out there. 

4 inches off my waist.  In 6 weeks.  Who gives a crap about what the scale says…for the first time in a decade, my waist is smaller (by an inch) than my hips.  Seriously.

And this is only Fat Camp #1.  Fat camp season 2 starts on Monday.  A good portion of our class is doing it again which is good but it means that we will all be held to a higher standard.  Ouch.

We all got tshirts for completing the class.  She had 2 sizes left: large and 2x.  Who has two thumbs and fits into the large?  This girl.  “Team Weight Loss” is emblazoned all over the left chest.  Yeah, I’m not sure I want to wear it around for every day.

I have a feeling that it will be much like the ill-fated neon green Rosie O’Donnell shirt that I bought at Rockefeller Center in 1998.  (Tourist much?)  In a 2x.  Because I really can’t stand tight shirts.  But that thing hasn’t seen the light of day since…1998.  Makes a great nightshirt. 

I need new goals for season 2.

I will probably do a 5k.  I’m going to try.  But only if Molly agrees to come and do a load in/load out day with us.  That’s a goal.  Run 3.1 miles.  And not die.

If I could shed the last 16 (or so) pounds, I’d be back to what I was pre-babies and post-tour.  Still not svelte but achievable in 12 weeks.  Especially considering that I will have 1 trip to Memphis and 2 trips to Vancouver in that same time.  But it should make those first days at the pool a little less traumatic.

I didn’t honestly think I’d make it the whole 10 weeks.  I thought it would be like American History class at 8am my senior year in college.  Sounded like a good idea at the time I signed up but the reality is never as easy.

And this is not getting any easier.

But at least my pants fit better.


3 thoughts on “Fat camp, days 27 and 28

  1. I am so giddy about all that you’ve accomplished I can barely stand it! Congrats Jenn, I’m so proud of you for sticking with it! Through the pain, and sore muscles, and just the general uncomfortable-ness of it all. You’ve accomplished something a lot of other people couldn’t have. You really did it:)

    Can’t wait to take on your 2nd round (and 5K aspirations) with you!

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