Is he speaking to me?

I can’t sleep.  Which is weird because I DID NOT nap today.  And, I ate well and pushed myself at the gym.

But I can’t sleep.

I keep thinking about Bob Harper.  Did you know he’s 43?  Doesn’t look it, for sure.  But I keep thinking about him and not in any kind of repressed “yeah, I could stand to get laid”  kind of way.

I save those thoughts for Kenny Chesney.  And Taylor Lautner.

Wait.  What?

Too much?

I keep thinking about one of his catch phrases.  You know, the ones that are supposed to be inspirational and plastered all over the gym wall.  I kept thinking about it all day today.

Ready for it?

Stand up and finish what you’ve started.

Is he speaking just to me?  Because I feel like he is speaking to me.

I started this family.  I need to get up and tend to it.

I started to get healthy.  I need to get up and see it through.

I started this career path.  I need to progress or begin with something new.  But either way, it’s time to become a productive member of society again. 

Stand up and finish what you’ve started.

I am certainly a candidate for nursing my wounds and making excuses.  I’ve been doing it for a long time. 

Wah, wah.  The world owes me something.

Get up.  Take care of your kids.  Take care of yourself.  Be a provider again. 

And, for the love of all that’s Holy woman…

Finish what you’ve started.


5 thoughts on “Is he speaking to me?

  1. Damn you, Bob. That’s a real “no excuses” motto. Bastard. Now I have to think. Because, generally, I try not to start things, to avoid just such obligations. But… I started/finished the book, but it’s not finished till it’s published, is it? And I’ve done little to nothing in that direction. So, Jenn, guess that’s MY “stand up and finish what you started.” I’ll try if you will… (Though I think you have been doing that all along. The definition may have just changed a bit because you’re in a different “place” now.)

  2. Mmmmm, Kenny Chesney. *sigh*

    Our New Orleans Saints won the super bowl this year. The MVP, quarterback, and fellow cutie pa-tootie, Drew Brees, started this catch phrase: Finish Strong.

    When my husband and I particiapted in the Mardi Gras marathon in New Orleans in February, Drew’s “Finish Strong” signs were EVERYWHERE!

    Amazing how the right words, or phrase can reach out and physically push you to your personal best.

    Hope you have a great weekend Jenn!

    • Oh, Kate. Bob Harper is one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser. He’s a big softie and gets all choked up when somebody finally “gets it”. And…he’s kind of hot. If you’re into that kind of guy.

      • Silly me. I googled him and then yowsa I kinda oggled him….ha! If I worked with him I’d need to close my eyes when he spoke so I could focus on what he was saaaaying and not be so distracted…..

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