30 (something) Rock.


How’ve you been?  Good?

I know I haven’t been around much.  You know how it goes…kids…housework…


Okay, okay.  I should have written or called or something.  There’s no reason to be a total hermit in the middle of summer.  It might actually be Africa Hot and that is almost like being in a blizzard.  Nobody wants to go outside or go anywhere.  Even fun things like the pool aren’t fun anymore.  I mean, who wants to splash around in a bathtub for hours at a time?  You know, other than kids.   Because the pool isn’t even cool and refreshing anymore.

It’s just a place to be buoyant and feeds my less than positive self-image issues.

This is all an excuse.  Obviously.

I have a new love.  I know, right!  Total celebration time.

My new love?  Is about 5 years old.  Or, should I say, 5 seasons old.

Wait.  What?

You heard me.  And what I want to know is Why Didn’t ANY Of You Tell Me That 30 Rock Was So Freaking Good?!?!?

I dub this summer the summer of Liz Lemon.  I’m only through the first season.  And, yes, I’m dedicating a whole post to a TV show that isn’t Glee!  (September can’t come soon enough Glee!)

I’ve been Netflixing (It’s a word.  I just made it up.  Changed the tense.  Whatever.) entire tv show seasons for the littles for a while.  Electric Company.  Vintage Sesame Street.  Fairly Oddparents.  Huckleberry Hound.  I had not considered doing the same for myself because, well, there must be something else that needs doing.

And there is.  But it’s hot.  Like Africa hot.  And what is most pressing needs fresh air and sunshine and I can’t bear either at the moment.

Don’t feel bad.  I haven’t read anything or cooked anything yummy (except the parmesan chicken a la Rachael Ray before she was a superstar 30 minute meals) (which was delicious) or done anything at all in the last week.  I haven’t even napped.  It’s starting to feel like the summers when I was a kid and we hid in the basement and ate FreezePops and played Super Mario bros. on my brother’s Nintendo.  What year was that?  1986?  87?  One of those years.  Longest.  Summer.  Ever.

Well, add this one to the books.  And maybe I’m just wussed out from spending the last decade a little further north in a slightly cooler climate.  Very slight.  But still better.

So, I’m passing the time.  17 days until school starts.  And in another 6 weeks or so the crisp mornings and painfully blue fall days will grace the calendar and I can get back to the business of reclaiming my household, my yard, my finances and, potentially, my body.  (It’s back to Fat Camp for me.  But Advanced Fat Camp this time.  Honors Fat Camp.  Fat Camp for smart kids.  Or…less fat kids.  Either way, I have 6 days to detox and counting.  Eat the ice cream cone now or forever hold your peace.  Piece.  Whatever.)

And then…it will get cold.  Bitter.  Freezing.  And I will bitch about that.

And begin a new Season.  2 or 3 or 4…depending on how long this sweat assed summer continues.


3 thoughts on “30 (something) Rock.

  1. HAHAHA! This post really made me laugh.
    I NEVER remember complaining about the hot and cold seasons quite so much as I have in the last few years. Seriously, this heat…DONE!!

    Also? Glad you’re back! I almost tweeted you to check up. Missed your writing! I have never seen a single episode of 30 Rock. I need to put it on my netflix. Just started season 1 of Madmen. Loving it so far!

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