Classic Ella.

On Saturday, I was in my chair reading.  Also, I was annoyed that I turned on a “show” (read: Maggie and the Ferocious Beast which I loathe and Mimi loves), lost the remote and was too lazy to get out of my chair and turn off the tv.  The littles had retreated to Mimi’s room as soon as the opening theme rolled.


So I’m in my chair and Ella comes to me with a doll.  Her Bitty Baby, that has languished in Amelia’s orphanage for dirty and misplaced dolls for years, is wearing only a diaper.  She hands me the doll and a doll swimsuit made for a doll several inches smaller than this one.

“Can you put this on her?  We are taking the kids swimming.”

Sure.  Do you need this diaper on?  I’m not sure the swimsuit will fit.

“It’s a swim diaper.”


“She has two diapers on actually.” (This is a true statement) 

Oh.  Yeah you can’t be too careful.  Wouldn’t want the pool to get poop in it.

“Well, she has butt-itis.  The pool water could make it worse.”


“It’s very itchy.  But it’s something she was born with so she’ll have it her whole life.  She may never have a normal butt.  That’s okay.  That’s just how God made her.”

She walked away with her kid crammed into a too small swimsuit and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I’m pretty sure a little of both were involved.

It’s very cool when your kids get it.  “It” being the kindness and understanding that so many older kids and adults seem to have never learned.  Or, they forgot.

I hope she never forgets.

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