Broken things.

My world has been restored.

I will sum up.

Nearly a month ago, my precious mint green Dell went under the knife and returned broken.  Really, really broken.  The information is secure enough but the means to access said information was cut off.  No keyboard.  No touchpad.  No wireless. 

You heard me.  No wireless.

No wireless means no comfy chair surfing or late night 30 Rock watching.  No itunes shopping. 

The router is in my bedroom so my laptop had to be hard-wired into it.  I had to get an adaptor so that I could plug-in a desktop keyboard.  I had to use a mouse.  (Really?  I forgot I had a mouse.)  I believe the term for this set up is “janky”. 

It was also soul crushing and made me shun the interwebz altogether.  So what do you do when your lifeline to the world is suddenly cut off?

You read.  You go to bed early.  You make cookies.  You teach your kids how to play Hangman. 

I kept thinking that this just figures.  I’m the one that loans out my car (or my bike, tennis racket and other assorted things) to have it returned broken and then I have to get it fixed.  Or not get it fixed.  Either way, it’s my problem. 

As of Monday, it is not my problem anymore.  I got a brand new (and identical) Dell hand delivered.  I know.  How often does that actually happen?  Just when I was trying to finesse the budget to get a new computer, I got a wonderful surprise.

I had made the comment that I am just used to life being hard so I never expected a big moment of easy.

In the same week, my Nook got a crack in the forward button plastic.  Today, I took it to B&N (sans receipt) and they replaced it and synced my library before I left the building.  Again, I never expected it to be easy and then it was.

Is this a general turn around in my fortune?  Or can I just appreciate it when it happens to me?

Either way, I am grateful.


One thought on “Broken things.

  1. Isn’t it nice when things work in your favor! Life is so hectic; when something happens that seems way too easy it’s such a blessing!

    Glad you’re back on the net!

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