Avoiding BPS.

Oh my poor, poor blog.  You are as neglected as my sewing room, my storage room and the top of my dresser.  You are the child that goes to the bus in a snowstorm without hat or gloves.  You just want somebody to tend to your needs but your needs are being ignored in favor of yet another nap or the shiny new library card and the thousands of pages that follow.  It doesn’t help that a barrage of children and now a household critter is held in higher esteem.  And we haven’t even talked about the fall network season.

My poor blog.  I vow not to ignore you in November.  I promise to spend some quality time with my fingers on the keys and proclaiming my every emotion to the known universe. 

Even the sewing machine has gotten more quality time than you.  I suppose that says something.  But no more.  Tomorrow, I will find the top of my dresser.  And I will properly post about taking the littles around for Halloween and how Ella accuses me of smothering her with my love.  We will discuss my new love for the Vampire Academy series (more sex, less sparkle) and facing a fourth holiday season without the man I love and how very unfair it all is.

So don’t call BPS (Blog Protective Services) on me.  My intentions are good.  But lovely sleeping weather and the novels of that twisted genius Christopher Moore have been my siren song.  I know it’s no excuse for this kind of ongoing neglect.  I will try to do better.

1 thought on “Avoiding BPS.

  1. Ella is accusing you of smothering her with your love??
    I fear once Jackson can articulate that sentiment, he and Ella could have quite the conversation about us mommies.


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