50 minutes.

Some days you get this little thing in your head, this thought.  Some days you think “Okay, world, today I’m going to get dressed.”  Or, is that just me?  Anyway, some days you are a little more ambitious.  Your thoughts are about washing all the winter coats or venturing out to get groceries even though it’s winter and both littles are in tow. 

Some days you wake up and say “Today, I am going to run a 5k.” 

I had been kicking myself and having more than a few regrets that I didn’t run that 5k like I said it would.  I mean, I mentioned it more than once.  Molly fully expected me to do it and even said she’d do it with me.  This?  Has gone beyond a passing thought.  I didn’t dream it up or just write it in my journal or add it to the bucket list.  No, I had to shoot off my fat mouth.  And now I have to do it.

So.  I did.

Wednesday afternoon I took my Christmas gift card and got new shoes.  I tried on no less than nine pair and found some Asics that were squishy enough to fit my needs and not too cutesy.  But most of all, really comfortable.  I had worn my old pair for this entire year.  They looked new because it was June before they touched something other than the treadmill but they had no cushion left in the ball area of my foot.  And that would just not do. 

Much like a good haircut, I do love new shoes.  I don’t know why I don’t do it more often.

My old shoes were my excuse du jour.  I still have the problem toes (the middle three toes on my left foot fall asleep when I run) and it is infinitely worse in worn shoes.  Nope, not today.  Can’t run.  Waiting for new shoes.

I took care of that excuse and took my new shoes to a little PT session with Molly on Thursday.  What a dream.  Even when she made me run/jog/walk interval as a warm up (Remember when that was the meat of the workout?  Me too.) my feet were very happy.  At that moment I made the decision:  I will run that 5k.  Inside.  On the treadmill. 

And I did.

I woke up, ate, went to the gym (asses to elbows busy again) and parked myself on a treadmill between two boys already running.  And by boys I mean they were younger than me.  I paid them no mind and put on my special “I’m only happy when it rains” ipod mix (mid 90’s alternative rock) and hit it.

Mile one was just as I expected and have done a dozen times this fall and winter.  Time was the same.  I’m feeling pretty good.  At about mile and a quarter, I have to walk.  My heart and lungs are doing fine.  I don’t have a stitch.  But my legs are tired and my toes are asleep.  I walk to get my heart rate to 160 (I was flirting with 180) and the back to the jogging.  But I couldn’t go as long and had to walk again.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Each time the running got shorter and the walking longer.

Molly had said “Walk when you need to” so I did.

This continued and I was frustrated until about 2 and a third miles.  So close.  But not close enough.  Okay, so if I can’t run anymore I’m going to pick up the pace of the walking.  Again, this is all foot/ankle/shin soreness.  Heart and lungs are still in good shape.  I found a good fast walk but it was almost too fast.  But, it was an easy jog.

I have heard that past a certain point, your body just continues on.  Mentally, you get a good pace.  And that’s what happened.  For the last three-quarters of a mile, I didn’t feel anything anymore.  I was breathing easy.  My heart rate stayed at 175.  I wasn’t seeing stars.  My hands weren’t tingly. 

And when 3.11 miles hit, I could have gone on.  I just know that I could have done one more mile.  Or, at least gotten to 4 miles.  But that wasn’t necessary.  Not today.

I ran my first 5k.  50’02”  Not fast.  If I were in an actual race, it would definitely be dead ass last (around 46 minutes is last place from what I’ve seen).  But, I can only get better.  I’ll try again in a few weeks with some more training under my belt. 

Wait?  Did I say I’d do this again? 

I did.  And I will.

Monday starts Fat Camp.  And will also mark one year since I started all this.  Seems fitting don’t you think?  Seems like a good indicator of exactly how far I have gone.


4 thoughts on “50 minutes.

  1. You can do it!! I so wish that I could run…I blew my back out so any high impact sports makes my hair not look right if ya know what I’m saying 😉
    I am getting cortisone shotsthis month so hopefully they will help me enough to be able to use the elliptical. I can glide the shit away to a 5k race 😉

  2. It has been such a pleasure to be on this journey with you, and to hear that you completed your first 5K! So, so proud of you!!!

    I think it’s funny (whether intentional, or just a packed gym) that you placed yourself in the middle of two guys to run. If I have to run on the treadmill, I do the same. For some reason, people running on both sides of me pushes me further. Like I’m trying to outrun them. Silly, but whatever works, right? 😉

    Great job Jenn!!!

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