Fat Camp, season 3: Day 2

So here’s a thought:  instead of feeding my face maybe I need to be feeding my ego.


But first let’s talk a little about class dynamics.  Today was day 2.  Most everyone missed day 1 because of the weather.  (Wimps)  Tonight was the first time we were all together, facing each other on the treadmills which wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be.  I did not get the church giggles, not once.  And it seems to make Molly happy, being able to be heard by everyone all at once.  There were 18 treadmills, all full.  Really?  18 of us?  So much for a cozy little family.

The class really runs the gamut from the two young punks on the end (girls in their early twenties maybe) to the gentleman four down from me who appeared to be two days older than dirt.  But doing great!  There’s a sixty-ish couple.  He is ex-military.  Very “ex”.  Tonight was hard on him.  There are some late twenties girls who seem in good enough shape to qualify for a different class.  I’m not intimidated (I might actually be challenged) but if I were brand new to this class, first time ever, I would consider not coming back.  I have a friend from several seasons of Fat Camp.  She is a success story to the tune of 50ish pounds and she has a really great, really infectious attitude.  The couple of women who wouldn’t say shit if they had a mouthful.  And then there’s the one I have taken under my wing.  She is probably my age and in pretty decent shape.  She is single and an oncology nurse for an outpatient facility.  She does mostly surgeries.  She is just starting and we are probably at the same fitness level although she carries it better. 

Again, I feel like I’m in the middle of the pack.  Maybe upper middle but only because I have the mark of experience.  I wonder how many are in it for the whole 12 weeks. 

The first week is full of testing.  Monday was all about heart rates and how hard to work ourselves to get the most weight loss. 

Have I mentioned Anabolic Threshold?  Your AT is the heart rate point where your muscles stop using fat as fuel and start using glucose.  As you get more fit, your AT goes up.  A year ago, mine was about 156.  Now, it is 171 beats per minute.  That means that I burn fat longer before my body switches to glucose.  This is ideal for me.  Obviously.  The way to increase your AT is to train above it 10-15% of your workout, sort of like stretching and reaching.  Your AT creeps up as your body gets better at using fuel.  When you are training you estimate your AT by figuring out how you feel.  When you pass the point of “this is really hard” and move on to “how soon can I stop?” that’s your estimated AT.  Much beyond your AT and you see sparkles and your hands get all pins and needles.  Ask me how I know.

Today’s test was the 30 minute treadmill test.  Get on treadmill.  Go for 30 minutes.  Record distance.  Repeat at week 6 and week 12.  There should be improvement.

I last did this test at the end of October and it was really, really hard then.  Like, it was all I could manage to do all day.  Funny thing, after treadmilling for 50:02 last Saturday (Did I mention I did a 5k?  Because I did.) this wasn’t hard at all.  In fact, I did my fastest 1 mile ever, I went further in 30 minutes (only 5 hundredths of a mile but still) and…AND…I ran for 21 minutes without stopping.  Not kidding.  This is HUGE for me.  It might be bigger than the mile time.  Or even maybe the 5k.  Okay, not that but this is still right up there. 

This is really truly a mental game.  I got a little bit of confidence back in September when I ran my first mile (walking once) and then more when I knocked time off that mile.  And even more when I did that 5k.  And tonight?  I am just about bursting. 

Is there anything I can’t do?

Okay, yes.  By the time it takes me to run these small distances, it would take me at least 13 hours to marathon.  They would close up and go home before I finished. 

But, that’s many years from now.  Maybe.  Probably not.  But you never know.

Let us never speak of it again.

One more feather for my cap before I go.  I won’t be sleeping because I’m all wound up and on my high horse but here’s a parting thought:  my weight is EXACTLY what it was at the end of October.  At least I know how to maintain, right?  And I’m not starting at a mental deficit because of it.  You know, getting into a funk because of the scale?  Hi.  We’ve met. 

I’m to the point where I could give a shit less about the scale.  I feel much better about doing what I thought I couldn’t do.  And not just once…


One thought on “Fat Camp, season 3: Day 2

  1. I love these posts for two reasons: one, I’m super proud of you! and two, because I learn so much really, really valuable information. Sometimes I even take something you talk about and research it more, so thank you! Keep up the good work – you are kicking ass!!

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