Snot-filled snot globs.

If you’ve been wondering where all my Fat Camp stories have gone, you’ll have to look under the snot-filled snot globs of snotty snot that I keep coughing up every four seconds.  Still. 

I’m sure that I mentioned last Monday that I wasn’t feeling well so I left before nutrition ‘class’.  I went to the doctor Physician’s Assistant on Tuesday and she said that it was a good thing I came in…I was very close to pneumonia.  I left with an antibiotic, a miniscule bottle of codeine syrup and (joy of joys) a xanax prescription refill.  Whee!!!  (Before you get all judgey, I filled the last xanax prescription in June of 2009.  So there.)  Since Tuesday, my ear filled up to just about bursting, I have coughed myself into a prolapsed uterus (almost), eaten my weight in carbs (daily), rediscovered nap time and I haven’t set foot in the gym. 

Fail.  By all accounts, fail. 

Today is Sunday.  We haven’t been out of the house since…forever.  I am out of codeine.  The z-pack ended yesterday.  I haven’t had to crack out the xanax.  The ear is mostly unstuffed thanks to an apple cider vinegar home remedy.  And yet, the coughing continues.  It is a cough that says “Wow, that’s annoying” which is marginally better than “Wow, you shouldn’t be out in public.”

I will return to Fat Camp tomorrow.  Even if I have to bring an inhaler and wear a diaper.  (Ever wonder what happens during a coughing fit after squeezing out three kids?  Right.  A diaper.)  (Kidding)  (Maybe) 

Anyway, it will be entertaining I’m sure.  I got winded trying to get the mail.  Good times.


3 thoughts on “Snot-filled snot globs.

  1. Hey Jenn!
    The “mother” in me couldn’t help but send some advice—I vote for taking it easy for another couple of days! The z-pac is still trying to help you fight off this nasty infection and intense exercise will only sap you of your energy. Chicken soup and naps for you!
    Sending good vibes your way! K

  2. very close to pneumonia…wow, that is scary Jenn. So sorry to hear you are feeling so rotten. I sincerely wish you lived closer….I make the BEST organic chicken noodle soup you will ever come across. One bowl would have you back to normal in no time.

    Wishing you healthy, happy days ahead.

  3. I read your post just now on Band Back Together and it felt as though the oxygen was sucked out of the universe. I had to find the person behind the words, the woman with the strength to keep writing it out.

    Coming here, finding you, reading your gut-wrenchingly honest words brimming with life and tenacity- I’m absolutely humbled.

    Sending you virtual chicken soup for the now, and just saying out loud that… wow… I’m glad to meet you. Thanks for writing, for sharing your words at BBT.

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