Welcome to the world, Jordyn.

Meet my new niece:


That’s right.  She’s flipping us all off.  It was a tough morning, being born and all (5:29 am).  And you people have the nerve to keep changing diapers and sending in nurses to stick pokey thermometers under her arm.  No wonder she’s all “leave me the eff alone”.

I know she isn’t MY baby…but I’m still in love with every little inch of her. 

Welcome to the world, Jordyn Rose.  Welcome to the family.  (We’ll stick together ’cause those people are nuts!)


One thought on “Welcome to the world, Jordyn.

  1. Oh my goodness!!! Best baby picture ever!

    She’s beautiful! Congrats on the new addition to your family…your girls must be thrilled to have a new cousin:)

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