Free PT.

One of the many, many benefits to my particular gym is that, after 12 months (and 12% of my 2010 net worth), I earned myself a free personal training session.  Isn’t that sweet?  A company that takes care of its clients like it’s supposed to do.  Weird.

It is a limited time offer of course so I chose today for my PT session.  Molly is happy to oblige.  Sidenote:  The trainers have some sort of commission system going on which I think is weird but seems to work.  It makes me feel bad when I get a discount or some other perk because then I am taking a bit of Molly’s livelihood.  I guess that’s a discussion for another day.

Last night I asked:  What are we going to do tomorrow?

“Oh I think some kettle bell and some TRX.  You liked that last time right?”

No.  It sucked and I hated it.

“No you don’t, you love it.  We’ll do that.”

Like my good friend (and fellow gym member) is fond of saying, how can such a sweet, sweet girl be so hated?

TRX it is.  I get the feeling that TRX is relatively new.  I don’t think it is officially sanctioned by the company but some of the trainers have purchased their own and use it for their clients.  Have you seen the TRX? 

Looks vaguely dirty, yes?  Like it should be hanging from the corner of some swingers’ bedroom and covered in something that tastes of strawberry.  That was my first impression.  Like Molly said, this is my second experience with this seemingly simple torture device.

The series of straps can be used for an endless array of body weight exercises.  Which is great if you are, say 120 pounds.  I?  Am not.  It also requires that you have some faith in your own strength.  That guy in the picture could get a cramp and end up on his face.  Because that is what would happen to me.

We did some presses and squats and a couple of other strappy moves that we’d done before.  All is well.  It’s still hard but not awful.

And then she put the mat under the TRX.  Stick with me here and try to imagine: get on your knees with your back to the straps.  Pick a foot and stick it into the strap so that the top of your foot is facing the floor.  Now, with your foot in the strap get into the plank position.  I’ll wait.  Okay so one toe is suspended and one toe is on the ground.  Now take the leg that’s in the strap and pull your knee in and tap the mat.  Let your knee come up and your leg go back.  Repeat 9 more times.

I’m not kidding.  It’s a very small movement and caused a higher heart rate and more sweating than the mile I ran as a warm up. 

Isn’t that something.  I run a mile now just as a warm up. 

I did maybe 3 of these fuckers and collapsed, my foot still in the strap.  All I could do was laugh.  At myself and what I might look like at that moment, of course, but also at Molly for thinking I was capable of such absurdity.  Her response?

“7 more!”


“Okay, other leg.”

And why not?

When we finished that little bit of torture, she decided to cripple me.  Imagine with me again.  Lay on your back.  Lift your heels into the straps.  Now lift your hips up and hold them.  Riiigggghhhhtttt.  Takes a bit of effort to hold them steady, right.  Now, keeping your hips elevated, pull your heels in towards your butt.  Crippled.

And I told myself I’d run a 5k again this weekend. 

At this rate, I’ll be lucky to get the mail tomorrow.  But, as someone pointed out, it’s good to do PT on Friday.  It makes me feel like I earned my weekend.

(If you want to get a TRX for yourself, they really do kick ass.  And for $200, I think they are a really great value.  There are hundreds of workout possibilities for any fitness level.)  (This is the part where I would do a giveaway but since I’m not sponsored…I won’t.  Go buy it yourself.)


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