Fat Camp, week 7

I’m happy to report that Fat Camp has officially hit its groove.  The herd has been thinned to only the strongest.  Mostly.  I like to number myself among the strongest (I may be the most tenacious but we will discuss that another day) and then this happens:

We got out the Bosu ball again.  Remember this little joy?

I know this gem was in my very first ever Fat Camp post last January.  This right here is the reason that I couldn’t walk correctly for nearly a week.  Torture du jour #1.  (That is almost a picture of me.)  (In 1992.)  (Okay you caught me.)  So if you take a standard yoga ball, cut it in half and add a platform along the line of symmetry and re-inflate it, you have the Bosu ball.

It was like hanging out with an old friend.  An old, quads-burning and making my weak-ish core seem weaker, asshole friend.  But still, a welcome sight because I know how to handle the Bosu.  I also know not to plan much for tomorrow because I will not  function well from the waist down. 

The expectation for us was this.  Stand on the ball.  Lift up one foot and bend your knee.  While holding (for me) 12 pound hand weights and do bicep curls.  For 45 seconds.  And, as an added bonus in the “feeling a little unstable here” category, close your eyes for the last 5 seconds.  As you can imagine, it does indeed make the room spin as if you did a flight of flavored vodka shots right off the bar.

Not that I’d know.

Once you’re done with that go ahead and do 45 seconds of shoulder presses (over the head).  I’ll wait.  And then sit.  And balance yourself in a “V” position for 45 seconds.  (My heart rate, sitting, was 166 during this.) (Also, this is Pilates hell.)  After that, the fun really begins.

Stand in front of the Bosu.  Hold a hand weight or not, it doesn’t matter.  Now squat.  Deep.  Until your ass touches the top of the ball.  And then stand back up but not on your toes.  Use your heels and keep your head up.

That?  Right there?  Will cripple you unexpectedly.

Now repeat the set once more for good measure.

And this was after some interval time on the treadmill.  Oh yes.  2 minutes easy-ish.  1 minute balls to the wall sprint.  For 12 minutes.  And then repeat on an Elliptical (or in my case, the Cybex arc trainer) for another 12 minutes.

My balls to the wall sprint tonight was 6.9 mph.  I managed just fine for one minute and probably could have gone a minute and a half.  I had a serious stitch after one minute so maybe not but I surprise myself sometimes.  The question I have is this: if I had to do only 20 seconds…how fast could I go and not fall off the belt?  I’m not going to try this unsupervised.  I don’t think that’s wise.  I may need somebody else to run the controls because I’m pretty sure that there’s a good chance I will lose all mental faculties. 

Can I run 8 mph for 20 seconds?  8.5?  9?

That’s pretty fast when you have stubby legs, I will remind you.  This is kind a fun game, too. “Let’s see how fast a fat girl can run!”  I don’t need to remind you that I’m a big girl to be running that fast.  Which, of course, makes me want to.  Because I might have an illness to want to run like I’m being chased by a cheetah.

In other news, the numbers on the scale are creeping ever so slowly in the right direction.  I am pleasantly surprised because we did eat our way through North Kansas City over the weekend.  I still have so very long to go but I feel good so I guess that’s what’s important.  

That, and I need a new swimsuit.  And the thought of swimsuit shopping at this moment is soul crushing.

Maybe that’s what I’m running from.


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