Spelling test.

Fridays are the universal day for spelling tests in grade school land.  They have been for generations.  Ella is at the point in the year where every word tested on is a review word and, despite the last 15 or so weeks of constant spelling tests, there are just a few she just can’t get.

I’m standing the bathroom this morning, getting dressed after my 4 minute fire-drill style shower.  (I can’t manage to drag my ass out of bed any earlier to make things less crazy even though I know it will help.  This may actually be a personality flaw.)  Ella is still eating breakfast and has been for at least 20 minutes. 

I crack the bathroom door and shout through: Ella!  Spell “when”.

“W-E-N” she says after a second.

With a mouth full of toothpaste I say Nope…try again!

“What?” she hollers.

That’s not right.  Try again.


She wasn’t sure why I was laughing but I’m pretty sure she thought I was off my rocker.

That was the highlight of my day.  Went all downhill from there.

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