Not a request.

If you have a moment…if you believe in prayer or if you have a good thought to throw out into the universe…I could use it.

I can’t say what it’s for right now.  I mean, I could.  I’m not under any kind of threat.  Everybody is healthy.  I don’t want to be vague.  I just don’t want to jinx it.

Do you believe in the power of the jinx?  I do. 

I also believe in karma and isn’t it about time something good came our way? 

 That sounds really ungrateful now that I look at it.  We have had a stream of good things in the last few years: a good move, good friends all over the country, our health and (general) happiness.  The littles are thriving and growing and learning and charming everyone they meet.  Please don’t think that I am refusing to acknowledge all that’s right about right now.

It’s just that this thing…this one little event.  Could be…maybe…life-changing for us.

Again, it’s all about perspective.  Is it as changing as some of the other events in our lives?  No.  So maybe I shouldn’t be making such a big deal.

Alright then, don’t worry about it.  I’m sure it will all be fine no matter the outcome.  I’ll quit staring at the ceiling when I should be sleeping and I’ll quit pre-emptively making plans.

Yep.  Okay, we never had this discussion.  Never you mind.   How was your day?  Good?  Good.



(Are you there, God?  It’s me, Jenn.)

7 thoughts on “Not a request.

  1. Oh! This reminds me of Sunday School a halfmillion years ago. When it was time to sit around the circle and share prayer requests there was always a few of the kids with “unspoken” requests. (rather than voicing something like “a new pony” or “an end to world hunger” the child would simply say “unspoken”)
    Later in life (ummm, 5 minutes ago) I would ponder those “unspoken” prayer requests and decide the unspokens were *spoken* by the children of heathens who had no idea what the heck a prayer request really was, or by those who didn’t want to speak about praying to God that their pervy so and so would stop chasing them around the house with a fireplace poker.
    I will now add “those who don’t want to jinx it” to the list of unspeakers.
    And I hope to heck your unspoken comes to be and will pray and send good vibes and fab kharma and anything else your way!!!

  2. I believe in prayer. And karma. And the power of the jinx. I am sending fingers-crossed, positive, dear-god-let-this-happen vibes your way;)

  3. Simply having things go well, with no overt disasters, is nice… but sometimes you need something especially great to happen. You deserve it, and I’m sending positive thoughts that whatever this thing is, you get it.

  4. It’s exciting to think about what this could be about. My attitude about prayer has come to be that I think of God/universe as like a good friend—one who listens and through that connection gives me strength and courage no matter what comes my way. So that’s what I’m doing—praying for strength and courage for you and this situation.
    loving your blog, K

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